The TOP 3 NES Emulators for Android

The TOP 3 NES Emulators for Android
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NES stands for Nintendo Entertainment System and it represents some of the best and the most popular games developed in 8-bit architecture. Today, finding an actual console is expensive, almost impossible and complicated. But, there is hope. Thanks to the emulators, you can download NES games and play them on a modern device, such as Android. Now we will reveal 3 best emulators of this kind and help you get the most from the 8-bit era in the 21st century.

  1. Retro8 (NES Emulator)

In the world of emulators, the Retro8 is the king. This compact emulator comes with a superb user interface, plenty of features and the overall simplicity. For instance, you can use thousands of cheat codes, you can enjoy the ultimate gaming experience of most NES game ROMs and you can use additional controllers. We tested this option and it does the job done very well. Additionally, we liked the on-screen controls which are designed to look like Nintendo joystick.

Advanced features include the ability to use turbo mode, play multiplayer games using your Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and the fast forward. The enhanced graphics quality is present as well, so the old games can literally look better than ever before. The on-screen controls can be adjusted using the editor. Beginners will appreciate the fact there is a guide for each game you can play using this emulator.

  1. VisualBoy NES Emulator

The VisualBoy NES Emulator is a small, powerful and highly desirable emulator. It offers all standard features such as cheat codes, use of controllers and the ability to take screenshots. We also liked the fact you can use additional controllers and on-screen commands are very easy to use. Also, you can use fast forward mode and run zipped files. Turbo buttons are available as well and they are easy to use. Then we can see that adjusting the keys on the screen is definitely possible.

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The emulator is simple and comes with a simple design. It will run any NES game and you can play for hours without any possible issue. All of that and so much more made it worthy of being on our list.

  1. NES Pro

The Nostalgia.NES Pro is a bit different emulator than the previous one. It comes with a great list of features we all liked, so you can use the zapper feature for instance. Saving and loading a game is simple and fast, while you can also connect to the Wi-Fi and play multiplayer games. The emulator supports US, Europe and Japan videos, it comes with stereo sound and we all liked the user interface. While the first emulator on the list is keeping the design traditional, this one is more focused on implementation of advanced capabilities.

If you are wondering about cheat codes, yes they are supported as well. Beside them, you can take screenshots of your gameplay which is a handy feature and will be more than just important for true gamers. The most important is the fact the emulator comes in a stable version. It won’t crash while playing games, regardless of which game you play and for how long.

The final word 

If you have an Android phone, you don’t need an actual NES console. There is no need to invest thousands of dollars. All you need is a game ROM, an emulator and your smartphone you probably hold in the hands already. Loading the game takes second and after that, you can enjoy and relive all the gameplays you had with your original NES console a few decades ago. This time, it is going to be even better.