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The True Cost of Natural Disasters

The True Cost of Natural Disasters
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Natural disasters are an inevitable reality that many of us will have to face. It could happen anywhere and at any moment of the day. It can either be an earthquake, a typhoon, wildfire, or perhaps a tsunami, hurricane, or even a hail storm.

Thousands, if not millions of people die or are seriously injured from these natural catastrophes, together with the industries that go down with them. For some, these are catastrophes that are waiting to happen.

Literally speaking, anything can happen to us because we’re living in an unpredictable world. And what happens when these catastrophes occur? It takes away lives, along with the billions of dollars worth of agriculture, infrastructure, and many other countless collateral damages. Not to mention the physical, emotional, and mental trauma it inflicted to the affected people.

Indeed, we’re living in a world of uncertainty where anything can happen. Unfortunately, there’s no way to fully avert them as that’s how nature works. Yes, we don’t have full control over what happens to us. But that doesn’t mean we can’t do anything to somehow minimize its devastating effects, and that is by preparing ahead of time.

Preparation and a careful analysis of past natural disasters is the key to minimizing its damaging effects in the best way possible. Finding patterns, forecasting weather conditions, and learning about potential disasters and the places they are likely to inflict damage on are some of the ways we can prepare for unpleasant situations.

Know the true cost of natural disasters — the total financial costs, most expensive disasters, and the average number of catastrophes happening every year. It’s through this that we’re able to know what to do, how much to spend, and where to implement strategic defenses to push damage costs down to a minimum.

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This will also enable us to create and develop new ingenious solutions that has the capability to stop and avert natural disasters from happening in the first place. Dams, dikes, earthquake-proof skyscrapers, state-of-the-art seismic sensors, and satellites hovering thousands of miles above us are some of the outputs of these preparations.

These technological marvels are the product of the careful analysis of past natural disasters, with the goal of preventing them from happening in the future.

It’s all about saving lives at the end of the day. With a little bit of preparation, we are able to decrease the number of casualties, be it injuries or deaths. And not only that, as doing so enables us to save millions of dollars worth of agriculture and various other industries. Indeed, knowing the statistics enables us to prepare ahead of time, before any of these catastrophes ravage our homes.

Learn about past natural disasters, how much damage it dealt, and the annual increase and decrease of the money spent on rehabilitation.

If you’re interested to know the facts on how much is spent in dealing with natural disasters, then we suggest you read on. We’ve got it all covered for you in the graphic below that was put together by our friends over at Specialty Fuel Services:


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