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Do You Think Someone Is Monitoring iPhone Activity? Here Is How to Figure It Out?

Do You Think Someone Is Monitoring iPhone Activity? Here Is How to Figure It Out?
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Have you started noticing that your phone’s battery is draining quicker than usual? Do you think something is wrong with your iPhone but you can’t figure out what? Is all this making you wonder if someone is trying to monitor your iPhone activity? If yes, then chances are a spying app is transmitting your data to someone. But how do you know that for sure?

Fortunately, there are some tricks through which anyone can figure out if a spying is monitoring their iPhone activity. Here is how:

Has your iPhone been Jailbroken?

If it is an iPhone, installing any kind of spying app will require jailbreaking. It means they will have to bypass strict built-in rules by Apple for installing any application from sources other than the Appstore. If your iPhone is jailbroken, unfortunately, you won’t be able to notice any difference. But there is a way to figure out if this has happened. If any app named Cydia, Installous, or Icy are installed in the iPhone that means the predator has jailbroken your iPhone.

Check the bill of your phone

Your phone’s bill can give you a good hint of whether a spying app has been installed to monitor iPhone activity. A spyware can send the data charges through the roof. If you notice a prolonged increase in the data charges all of a sudden, something is definitely wrong.

Don’t ignore the odd messages

When someone is monitoring iPhone activity of another person, the target phone starts receiving weird messages. For example, you might receive garbled numbers or codes. Sometimes, the tracking app may end up sending an instruction message to your phone too. If you catch anything like this, your phone has become the target of a spying app.

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Other signs to watch out for:

  • The phone’s battery is going down quicker than usual
  • The phone stays warm even when it is idle
  • The phone’s screen lights up even when you are not using it
  • Apps installed in the phone run slower than normal

Hunt down the app

If you see any of these signs, it means there is a spying app installed on your iPhone. What you need to do now is to hunt it down to get rid of it.

If you are not much of a tech savvy person, you wouldn’t be comfortable poking around the directories and folders of your phone. As these apps work in stealth mode, they won’t be much obvious to you. If you don’t know what you are doing, we don’t recommend you to wipe out files that you are not even sure about.

Now if you are curious to know who installed this spying app on your phone, it is probably going to be someone close to you. It is your closed ones who would know your iCloud credentials and it is only them who can get physical access to your device. No outsider can do that, especially if your iPhone stays with you all the time. In case your loved ones have been acting suspiciously, there goes another clue that they are monitoring iPhone activity.

How to get rid of the spyware:

Option 1: Factory Reset the iPhone

Can’t figure out how to delete the app? No worries, just factory reset your iPhone. It will wipe away everything saved on your device whether its contacts, text messages, call logs and all those apps that aren’t installed on the iPhone by default. Before you hit factory reset button, make sure you create a backup of all the data saved on your iPhone otherwise you will not be able to recover any of it.

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Option 2: Update the iOS

A good thing is that if the iPhone has been jailbroken with your knowledge, you still have hope. As you upgrade to the latest version of OS, the jailbreaking procedure will reverse and it will also remove any unwanted app such as a spyware from your iPhone. make sure you have created a backup of your data before updating the iOS.

Now notice if doing that changes the performance of your iPhone. If the signs mentioned above disappear as soon as you apply any remedy, that’s a clear indication that someone wanted to monitor iPhone activity.

To prevent this from happening again, either change your iCloud credentials or put a passcode on your iPhone and make sure nobody knows it (not even in your partner). You have every right to keep your personal data safe. Now that you know someone was trying to track your phone, don’t be stupid enough to let the door open once again. Better be safe than sorry, right?