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Tips for Choosing a Souvenir in Russian Subjects

Tips for Choosing a Souvenir in Russian Subjects
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The choice of Russian souvenirs is not an easy task for those who want to give a keepsake to a foreigner. Their variety is amazing: famous downy shawls, items decorated with Khokhloma painting, dolls, Palekh boxes. To select one thing you need to follow simple tips and check here for more information.

How to choose a souvenir as a gift?

1. First you need to determine the status of the recipient. A refined souvenir that will not be very cheap will suit a businessman, a manager, or a company president. Varnish miniatures, for example, Fedoskino, Kholui, Palekh should be liked by business people.
2. The famous Faberge egg or a reproduction of the works of this famous jeweler will also be considered a status souvenir. An expensive copy will take a worthy place on the table or shelf of the recipient and will remind you of how respectful the donor is.
3.Consider the duration of the path. On a long trip, heavy and bulky gifts are inappropriate. It is not necessary to give a foreigner a large-sized gift so that he will not have problems with the transportation of cargo. Ideally, the souvenir should fit in a small travel bag. Of course, there are special cases when a person travels by private car or flies a private plane, but such moments need to be recognized in advance.
4.The welcoming donor will take care of reliable packaging. This is especially true of glass and ceramic items.
5.We need to think about the relevance of Russian souvenir. It is worth thinking about what impression the surprise will remain with its recipient. A very busy person who is constantly on business trips for work can be given expensive writing materials or interior decoration items. If a close relationship is with a foreigner, souvenirs with the city or company logo may be appropriate.
6.It is necessary to calculate the time to search for a presentation. If the dates of the guest’s stay in the country are known, it’s best to start searching him in advance so as not to think about it at the last minute. This approach will help to choose not only beautiful, but also a memorable surprise. It may take a week to make a deliberate choice, during which time you can compare prices, explore the assortment of nearby stores, or order a handmade gift.
7.For those who did not have time to decide or just found out about the arrival of the guest, there is a modern way to search for gifts – on the Internet. Online stores offer both ordinary souvenirs and traditional Russians. For example, here You can order a matryoshka. These bright Russian pupae will be an interesting and enjoyable gift. Zhostovo trays, Faberge Easter eggs, lacquer miniatures, painted boxes can also be found on the Internet with delivery to the office or to the house.
8. Do not be shy to ask for advice from specialists. Traditional Russian souvenirs are not everyday goods, but gifts for special occasions. An experienced sales assistant or manager of an online store will be happy to answer questions, tell you how to choose, package and transport them correctly.
Such simple but effective tips will help determine the choice of a souvenir and give a decent surprise. Anyone who goes abroad on his own can also take traditional surprises with him on a trip, such as magnets, key rings or small dolls and souvenir spoons. An unexpected pleasant souvenir will arrange colleagues to cooperate, will help to leave a pleasant impression about you and, perhaps, will mark the beginning of a strong friendship.