Tips for PPSC Biology & Botany Test for Lecturer Jobs

Tips for PPSC Biology & Botany Test for Lecturer Jobs
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For all those members who are intended to appear in ppsc exam for biology and botany. Tips for PPSC Biology & Botany Test for Lecturer Jobs by Tech Breath are given below;

1, You are applicable for the posts of biology and botany.
2,To ease your preparations be synchronized i.e start from viruses, bacteria,algae, fungi.bryophytes, pteridophytes, gymnosperms and angiosperms. You can consult any book or your previous study material and notes which are easy to memorize.
3. Also study about morhology, terminology(most imp), taxonomy, genetics , cell biology and ecology.
4.Be conceptual and dont try to have superficial study.
5. Here are some questions from previous paper..
*Vascular cryptogams are…..
*living fossils is known for plants…
*systems of classification.
*branches of roots arise from.pericycle
*National tree of pakistan Cedrus deodra
*Mechanism that blocks photophosphorylation
*Hypanthodium is type of inflorescence found in..
*which one of the following is stop codons.one option was relevant.
*Velamen is found in epiphytes, orchids
*Dactyosomes are….
*Types of stele.
*Scientific name of almond
* Aggregate fruits
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