Tips To Secure Your IoT Devices

Tips To Secure Your IoT Devices
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Life today for everybody is very busy. In such a busy schedule where people don’t even find time to have a nutritious meal for themselves and others, a little help would be very useful. You can make changes to a few things to that you can do using a few smart devices connect to the internet. These devices are programmed to carryout certain tasks. These include securing your home, taking care of the temperature in your rooms or the entire home and switch off your lights or switch them on when you need them in the evening. These and many other tasks are now a possibility if you would connect your devices to an internet connection (like Mediacom internet prices) and they would take care of the rest. Since these devices have very critical tasks to perform. Keeping that in mind it is very necessary that these devices remain secure at all times. To get this done, here are a few things that you can do: 

Start Off With Securing Your Router:

A router is often regarded as the front door of your home. You can say that it is the gateway to your smart home. It is necessary that the physical appearance and the door itself should be made of something that makes it secure enough. There should be solid locks and should be indestructible. Likewise, your router has to be made secure with passwords and many other security measures that make it hack-proof.To make this happen you can take help from the FAQs on the device manual. This can get you a better insight on ways you can get to know about your router and ways to secure it in a better way. If you want better results, make sure that you don’t rely on the router provided to you by your cable provider.Always invest a little more money and get a good router for yourself.

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Create More Than One Networks On Your Router:

It is a good idea to create more than one networks on your Wi-Fi router. If you have kids in your home, then this practice is going to help you create a network with more controls.Also, this can be useful for visitors and guests with whom you are not willing to share your credentials with. Also, it is going to provide hackers from accessing your data, files and other sensitive and useful data as well. It is necessary that you have a strong encryption and a robust password that you can use. The most secure encryption method to date is called WPA2.

Check The Settings Of Your IoT Device And Keep Them Updated:

The IoT devices in your home might be coming with a default setting for security. It is a good thing that you change them all. The manufacturer might not have given you the ideal setting. Also, it is a good thing to check out that you don’t have the features that you don’t want to have. You might only need to use the network access only.

Use Two-Factor Authentication Method: 

Devices that use a multiple authentication methods are more secured. It works as an additional layer of security for your device. When anybody tries to log in your devices, it would ask you to enter a one-time code or phrase before you are granted access. If you use the two-factor authentication in a proper way, you can secure your devices to a pretty good extent.

Disable The UPnP Features On Your Devices:

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UPnP or the Universal Plugin and Play enable your IoT devices to scan and detect each other. I can also be used to connect devices to one another. This makes sure that you don’t have to configure each device one after the other. The protocols rely on local networks and connect to each other. With all the goodie goodies in mind, keep one thing in mind too. These make your device vulnerable for attackers too. Inthe case of an attack, UPnP enables more than one devices to get access at the same time. It is a safety measure that you get them disabled and configure your devices on a manual basis.

If you are connected online, you are open to almost every threat that exists. All you can do is, you can make sure that you have taken the necessary steps to secure your devices and your home.