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Top 10 Tricks for Android Mobile You Did Not Know

Top 10 Tricks for Android Mobile You Did Not Know
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The top 10 of the tricks all beasts that will allow you to take control a little better your Android smartphone. So of course it all depends on the model of your phone and especially your version of Android, but we made sure to tell you in the top which versions were concerned by what tips. If it does not work, give us a sign in the comments, we will send a convenience store. My reader here I want to mention a very big name of Android world Ms. Isabella Chris, she wrote an article on Best games without WiFi free. If always my reader to read her article if you ever want to play offline games on your android smartphone.

  1. Discover an Easter-egg hidden in your phone 

since some versions now, Android hides a small game in its operating system. Go to Settings>about your phone> and tap “Android version” several times. Then try to stay on it. So?

2. Display your details on the locked screen            

with this little trick, you can add information on the locked screen, which can be useful if you ever lose your phone or tablet. To do this, go to Settings> Security> Owner information. All you have to do is click on “Contact details of the owner on the screen locked” and choose the text you want to see displayed.

3. Stop running apps in the background       

Android lets you quickly find out which apps are running. You can then cut them if you wish. Go to Settings> Applications> Current. (“Services running” on version 2.x.)

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4. Refine the settings of your music    

 significant advantage of being an androidOS, you have access to a precise integrated equalizer that allows you to choose pre-settings by musical styles and refine yourself these settings as a real sound engineer in grass. And if you have a version earlier than 4.1, you can still download the Equilizer app that will do the job just as well.

5. Switch to gallery mode

Available with the arrival of version 4.1 (Jellybean), the gallery mode allows you to take a quick look at all your photos. To do this, simply pinch the screen inward. This mode is also practical to do a little cleaning since passing your finger from bottom to top, you can delete the picture.

6. Answer a call by SMS     

If you are in a meeting and you are called, you cannot decently answer unless you are the boss. Otherwise, Android allows you to send an “SMS of absence” which will reassure your interlocutor without you have to pick up. This option available from version 2.3 deploys differently depending on your mobile but most of the time you will have to slide up the call slider (and not on the side, like to pick up.)

7. Load flash content on demand         

If you’ve known an iPhone before switching to Android, you have to be totally crazy with all that Flash at your fingertips. But if your data plan is limited, or if your navigation is too slow by the flash elements you encounter while surfing, you can choose to load only a few.

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Go to the advanced Android browser settings by default and choose to allow plug-in on demand. After restarting the browser, you will see that Flash videos do not load but a small arrow appears. Click it to load the content.

8. Customize your screen lock    

On Android, there are many ways to lock your phone: a 4-digit code, a password, or different points to connect. Since the 4.0, there is also a facial recognition system quite nice to use. His early versions were unreliable (just holding a picture of you in front of the lens to unlock the phone) but security has been strengthened since JellyBean. You can find it in Settings> Security> Screen Lock.

9. Make a screenshot         

It’s all stupid but you have to know. If you have a 4.0 or later version it’s very simple. Simply hold the “Volume Down” and “On / Off” buttons simultaneously. For the very first versions try “Back” and “On / Off” simultaneously, or “Home” and “On / Off”.

10. Garnish your emoji messages           

The emoji or emoticon were already quite numerous on the previous version of Android but since the arrival of Jelly Bean (4.1 and 4.2) it is the big bamboo in your SMS. To activate them, go to Settings> Language and input and click the settings button on the keyboard you are using. Then go to the Additional Dictionaries section and install the one called “Emoji for the English words”. You can now add emoji in place of certain words like “flake” or “boat”.

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