Top 3 New Technologies for Study

Top 3 New Technologies for Study
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2018 has already become the year of intelligence because the intensive growth of technological achievements has opened numerous possibilities for all spheres of personal and professional lives of people. That is why it is fair to state that this year it is possible to expect drastic expansion changes in all technological directions. For example, artifice intelligence and machine learning will soon change the whole industries, opening a long list of possibilities for virtual helpers and a wide range of cases of automatization. Now, let’s look at the newest technologies that would be soon adopted in the process of studying and even writing a research paper.

Chatbots with Natural-Language Processing


It is not a secret that the usage of chatbots in various spheres, including customer service, is now becoming one of the leading trends of 2018. Today, more software needs the possibility to identify multiple nuances of peoples’ speech. A lot of users are instated in getting responses from their applications by giving commands and asking different questions in natural language without thinking about the correct way to ask.

Now, the intensive development of neuro-linguistic programming and its eventual integration into various computer programs can become the main challenges in 2018. As a result, numerous spheres have high expectations about this topic. It is critical to understand that with the help of neuro-linguistic programming a lot of students will have a chance to ask more shaded questions and revive clear sneers. As a result, it will be easier to make better insight on the issues and problems they face during the process of studying.

The Future for Cryptocurrency


By the way, today, it seems like all people are taking about blockchains, one of the most revolutionary technologies that are able to exchange and store data for the cryptocurrency. It is essential to keep in mind that the blockchain is a distributed database, serving as a register of numerous contacts and transactions. It works to store a continually growing list of ordered records that are considered as blocks. Each of them includes a link to the previous block and a timestamp.

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Taking into consideration the actual role of security and social responsibility on the internet, it is fair to suggest that blockchain technologies would become even more relevant in the nearest time. It should be noted that in the spheres using blockchains it would be impossible to forget digital transactions. As a result, the credibility of such areas may grow. With this approach in mind, it would be possible to detect disruptive companies and startups.

Eventually, the number of young people who are now interested in studying blockchain technologies and who would be able to detect disruptive digital businesses increases with every day. That is the reason why the best universities in the world, including Oxford and Cambridge, are willing to focus on studying blockchain technologies now. Since all companies are eager to know how to analyze and prioritize their risks, monitor customer behavior, and detect the opuntias for their development, young professionals should be ready to deal with blockchain issues in all spheres, including manufacturing, healthcare, and even government.

Artificial Intelligence


Consequently, there is no doubt that today artificial intelligence brings about numerous transformations to the whole world, changing various industries, including healthcare, banking, manufacturing, government, art, and education. It means that intensive advancement in the sphere of machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies suggests that all companies and organizations would be soon data-driven and all businesses and institutions would be smart.

For instance, virtual assistance for students, genetics research, or computational drug discovery would no longer be the part of something futuristic. There is a wide range of applications on the stage of development at the moment. That is why it is easy to understand that robotization, data management, and automation would provoke numerous changes in all spheres in the nearest time.

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Moreover, since the invention of artificial intelligence, its development impresses the whole world. The scientists predicted that artificial intelligence would be able to win Go game in 2027, but it happened in 2017. It means that it took less time for the specially designed algorithm to become the best player in this game in the whole world. It is hard to believe, but it was able to tech itself without additional inputs of human data. As a result, it developed the strategies that were impossible for humans to imagine.

Now, the whole world is looking forward to the next artificial intelligence breakthrough that will cover new problem-solving operations. A lot of students could not but hope for various routines to get easier, cheaper, and faster, including the development of business models, speeches, or recognition of objects. Consequently, many people are ready for the implementation of artificial intelligence in various spheres of modern life. It means that relying on brand new algorithms would help humans to find optimized ways of studying, working, and living in general.

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