Top 3 Reasons to Hate PHP by Students

Top 3 Reasons to Hate PHP by Students
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PHP or Hypertext Preprocessor, one among the widely used open source language primarily used for web development proposes is equally popular and hated by programmers and student community in general. As familiarity and popularity breed condemn, the same fate is applicable to PHP. There are several reasons and interesting facts related to the common hatred towards PHP, and Top 3 Reasons to Hate PHP by Students are discussed below.

Popularity v/s Abuse

As PHP is termed as popular among the programmers owning to the freedom and flexibility provided by the same. To be specific, an open source programming language is with several merits and weaknesses. When this idea is superimposed into the scenario of PHP, it is evident that the same is disposed to bugs. When programmers face threat from bugs, they blame the programming language and this sort of misinterpretation is filtered down towards other programmers and students. To be specific, freedom and flexibility to use in any form and the scope to make relevant changes leads to abuse and those who consider programming as serious task really hate the same.

Lack of syntactical standards

As you know, utmost importance will be given to the task to learn the basic syntactic standards while learning a popular programming language. To be specific, while trying to learn by memorizing the basics of PHP, a newbie in web-designing will try to learn a number of codes in the form of syntax (say, for example:strops, isset etc.). Then, he/she will be forced to realize that there are several codes and loops with same purpose and usability, but with less standardization and rhyming. This sort of loosely knit appearance and lack of syntactic standardization can act the role of a nightmare for a student who is trying to by heart the basic codes and this can gradually lead to confusion, boredom and permanent hatred to the programming language itself.

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Vulnerable to web based attacks

As programming language with open source code, PHP gives more than enough space for web based attacks by forcing the website users to be prone to the imminent threat from half-cooked plug-ins. Those who consider web designing and programming as a serious matter to ponder upon moved on towards Java. Still, those who considered programming as a less serious career stick on to PHP. When less serious programmers make use of PHP as the main programming language for websites with uncontrollable traffic, websites based upon PHP become easy preys to attacks like hacking. When students and newbies in web designing and programming come to know the abovementioned facts, they feel totally confused and it leads to permanent hatred towards PHP.

In short, PHP was developed and used to meet general proposes related to web designing in general. As user-friendliness and less complexity added with less confusing basic tools and codes attracted programmers towards PHP and it became more popular among the programmers during and after dot-com bubble era. As more and more companies turned towards web versions of their companies, programmers began to depend upon PHP as a web designing software and as a user-friendly set of programming codes. Rapid popularity gained by PHP eventually lead it towards confusion and unreasonable hatred in general. I personally consider that there is less fact and solid reason related to the hatred towards PHP among the student community. Still, rumors spread as PHP is totally confusing and newbies consider the same as a hard nut to crack for less or no reason and evidence.

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