Top 3 Soft Skills Techies Need to Succeed

Top 3 Soft Skills Techies Need to Succeed
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What would the world be like without techies? If you stopped to think about it, we would still be living somewhere in the Industrial Age if it weren’t for all the amazing breakthroughs and advancements brought about by techies steeped in the Age of Information. We are actually living in a new era in time, a historic moment just now begun in the 21st Century.

Techies are bringing us out of darkness in so many areas of life that it’s hard to enumerate all technological advances that make life on this world possible, if not better. However, there are a few soft skills which most techies seem to lack and unfortunately, these are the skills which could land them the right job at the right place at the right moment in time. Let’s take a look at a few of the soft skills techies need to succeed.


Techies are amazing people but, unfortunately, most techies spend so much time in their own heads that they’ve ignored the fine art of communication. For them, communication is binary and when it comes to talking to other people, they tend to freeze up or speak in such technological language that most people simply can’t comprehend. This could be a real deficit when pitching a new project to a possible investor.

If you find that you lack the presentations skills you need, perhaps it’s time to start looking for advanced training in that area. It takes some getting used to when being asked to step outside your head if even for a few moments, but communication is a learned skill. It may take a bit of searching to find exactly the type of presentation/communication skills you need, but there are many course options to help improve your presentation skills.

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Interpersonal Skills

Here again, sometimes techies are so caught up in their own minds that they seem to falter when it comes to building relationships with other people. This can be an extreme disadvantage to a team when you seem to always be the odd man out. Teamwork is a key focus for today’s employers, so if you want to work in a corporate environment, it might pay to hone up on interpersonal skills.


Sometimes techies have been unjustly accused of not having empathy for those around them. It’s not that they lack empathy, exactly, it’s just that they get caught up in that new technological advancement that consumes their every waking moment. Actually, it’s just that their mind is working too deeply and too quickly to see what’s going on around them. When dealing with customers, this can be a real problem! The key to selling is answering a need, but if you don’t slow down to spot the need, you won’t be able to address it!

Some people say that techies need to learn to adapt or become more creative, however, if they were neither creative nor adaptable, they certainly wouldn’t be responsible for all the advances they have been a large part of. The bottom line? Techies need people skills if they ever hope to succeed in a corporate environment and those are skills which can be learned, so don’t despair. The future is bright indeed.