Top 4 PHP Frameworks Onwards – Infographic

Top 4 PHP Frameworks Onwards – Infographic
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Any website can’t be developed without using a programming language such as PHP, JavaScript, HTML or CSS etc.

There are numerous programming languages used for the website development by the developers all around the world. Among all other programming languages, PHP is the most popular language due to its unique features and flexibility.

As it is an open source programming language, it is used by many professional developers for web applications.

There are various frameworks for PHP which are used while creating a website. There are four frameworks which are quite famous among the developers nowadays.

The Laravel, Codeignitor, Symfony and YII are the four frameworks for PHP which are most used while developing a website. The Laravel is used mostly by the USA, UK and Australian developers.

It is due to its flexibility and open source platform that is been provided by Laravel. A developer can use Laravel framework development if they have wide knowledge of PHP.

Laravel has better integration support with good features which makes it popular among the developers.

The Codeignitor framework is mostly used where advanced versions of websites are developed.

It’s a strong framework having multiple database support with good integrity. Some beginners start their website and application development using this framework.

The Symfony framework is used by the developers from Asian countries. The wide and professional website projects are developed using this framework.

Using Symfony as framework is quite tough as this framework requires professional knowledge of PHP and other programming languages. Most of the secured websites are developed using the Symfony.

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The upgraded advance version websites are developed using the YII PHP framework.

Websites developed using YII has great loading speed and widely used for the small to large scale projects.

The YII framework ensures high level of security for the websites and applications. It has some of the best features with good authentication, role base access control and validation.

All these frameworks can be used by the developer depending on the application of the websites to be developed. It can be noticed that these frameworks requires basics of PHP and some other languages.

These frameworks are easy to be used and are free of cost so used large base of programmers globally.

Given below the visual presentation of these points through a colorful infographic.

Top 4 PHP Frameworks Onwards - Infographic

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