Top 5 Apps to Root your Android Device

Top 5 Apps to Root your Android Device
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Thanks to the advent of new root tools, rooting an Android device has become a relatively simple process that seldom requires more than performing a few clicks.

But if you search around online, you will find suggestions for a number of rooting apps from a bunch of sources, often making it very difficult to zero in on a single choice.

Moreover, while newer tools afford an easier way to root, some are much more complicated, require some technical knowledge, and can go wrong. So to solve that problem, we have our recommended list of the top 5 apps to root your Android device.

Top 5 Rooting Apps for Android: The Very Best

1. Kingroot:

Once you download Kingroot Apk, you can tell that a world of difference has been made in the category of rooting applications. Kingroot Apk has redefined the idea of the one-click root app, and it is an amazing tool with widespread compatibility that literally works with just a single click. Simply download the app, launch it, tap on the Get Now option, and you are done. In case, however, it does not work, take a look at some of our other options.

2. Vroot:

Now known as iRoot, this app has been around for a long time, and it offers one of the safest ways to root an Android device. Using this root tool, you can customize your smartphone or tablet to no extent and free your device of the shackles that have been holding its performance back. You can use Vroot to root your device with the help of your PC or directly with the help of Vroot Apk.

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3. One Click Root

As its name suggests, the one Click Root developers have made a tool that allows interested users to ensure that their Android device is in the best hands. Most root tools will end up turning your device into a block. But the One Click Root app works for even those who do not have a thorough technical know-how.

4. Framaroot App:

One of the best rooting apps in existence, the Framaroot App entirely lives up to the immense popularity that it has gained over the years. What you will love about this app is that the developers are hard at work to expand on the compatibility front. While being a one-click rooting app, there are multiple exploits on board to ensure that you have multiple options at your disposal.

5. Towelroot:

Towelroot is one of the best rooting apps for popular smartphone brands such as Samsung and Google’s Nexus devices. While no rooting app is competent enough to root all Android phones in existence, Towelroot is one app that boasts the most stellar track record. If you are setting out to root your device for the first time, this should be the one to go for.

Wrap Up

Before you dip your toes in the pool of rooting, you must acknowledge the fact that your device may not be rooted with the first app you download. But if you use one of the tools listed here, your chances of achieving success with the process and customizing your device thereafter is much higher. Share this post with others that share your interest in rooting.