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Top 5 Benefits of Grammarly Tool

Top 5 Benefits of Grammarly Tool
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The writing is an art in itself. People love to write articles, magazines, novels, or anything that they wish to write. Not everyone has the talent to write correctly or efficiently without any error like “Grammarly Tool” can do.

The people who face this problem should not loose hope as here comes a wonderful tool known as “The Grammarly tool”. The Grammarly is an online proof reading tool that eliminates all the errors or mistakes from your writing making it attractive that readers love to read.

The Grammarly company offers the grammarly tool in two versions- free and premium version. The free version is free of cost having fewer features whereas the premium version costs $29.95 and have additional features. Being a beginner people prefer to use free version but if you wants to avail additional features of the grammarly tool, then you must go for premium version of it or you can get Grammarly Discount here. 

If we talk about the features of grammarly- it offers US and UK standards, Vocabulary enhancement suggestions, provides Plagiarism detector that checks your pages amazingly, offers native desktop apps that enhances the writing skills of users, eliminates wordy sentences, provides synonyms for each word you type, sends performance reports to its users, provides 100+ additional advanced grammar and spelling checks, provides explanation of grammar rules and many other features it offers to its users.

Top 5 Benefits of Grammarly Tool

The Grammarly is the world’s best grammarly tool that not only eliminates error from your writing but makes it unique so that it can be impressive. There are numerous benefits of grammarly tool that I am going to share with you and are as follows-

  1. Vocabulary Enhancement
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The main benefit of grammarly tool is vocabulary enhancement. It scans your entire writing or article and then finds the words which are repeated again and again in the article. It provides the different words that resemble to them and have the same meaning. You can replace the repeated words with the suggested one so that you can have the perfect writing.

  1. Plagiarism Checker

The other benefit of grammarly tool is that it provides plagiarism checker. It scans your writing or article and tells that whether your writing is unique or not. It compares your writing with its database of 8 billion pages to show you that your writing is the original one or not.

  1. Instant Results

The Grammarly tool is known for its instant results. Within seconds, it scans your article and finds all the errors or mistakes in it and provides you suggestions to correct them effectively. It instantly proofreads your writing and serves you with the best results.

  1. Much Better Than Microsoft Word

The Grammarly is much better than the Microsoft word. It is fast and efficient in all aspects when compared to Microsoft word. It checks the Spelling and Grammatical Errors instantly that Microsoft word is not able to do.

  1. Improve your Writing

The grammarly removes all the errors from your writing and corrects it efficiently. It scans your whole article within seconds and makes it impressive. It provides suggestions so that you can correct your writing and you can be the best writer.