Top 5 Best Stylish Laptops for Girls

Top 5 Best Stylish Laptops for Girls
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Women needs cool laptop with high-end configuration for working and to do things. Nowadays electronic gadgets like mobile, laptop are also considering as status and style symbol in meetings with clients and colleague. If you are a woman and want to buy a stylish laptop with high-end configuration then here in this article some suggestions are given which can help you while buying a best laptops for girls

  1. Dell XPS 13 – This laptop from Dell comes with great features and it has won many awards and it also got good reviews from the critics. This laptop has great features and it has 13.3 full high definition screen with the resolution of 1920 x 1080 and it has infinity edge display which means it has amazing display. It has 7th generation Intel core i5 processor which is very fast in class. It has 8GB ram and 256GB Hard drive and its weight is very light. This laptop has great design and light in weight which makes it a great laptop for women to carry.


  1. HP Spectre 360 – If you see this laptop then you cannot stop yourself for buying this laptop because of its looks, it comes with the great design which makes it a good looking laptop. This laptop is very innovative in design and it has great hardware. This laptop has great features and it comes with latest window 10 and its display is around 13.3 inches. The best thing in this laptop is its design you can rotate its screen according to your convenience and best thing is you can use this as a tablet. This laptop has 8GB of RAM and 360GB hard drive and it is offering 7th generation i5 Intel processor which is best in class. It’s producing good colour in the display.
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  1. Apple MacBook Air 13 – This is masterpiece from apple, it is one of the best laptop from Apple. If you want something change then you can choose this laptop, apple is famous for its security features in laptop, there are less chances of security breaching in apple products so you can choose this laptop. This laptop is the most preferred laptop for women because of its style and features. Apple is using core i5 processor of Intel in this laptop. It has 13.3 inch screen, it is light weight, it has great in built speaker, and its display is best in class, this is most desire laptop because of its design. In this laptop you will get 128GB of hard drive and 8GB of ram which makes it a desirable laptop.


  1. Asus UX305LA-FB055T – Asus is well known brand and this laptop is one of the best laptop for women because of its design and processor. This laptop has 13.3-inch-high definition display and it is producing great colours and pixels are very clear. This laptop comes with 5th generation of Intel core i7 processor which is very fast and one of the best processor in the world. It has stylish keyboard and track pad which makes it a stylish laptop.


  1. Sony VAIO Z Canvas – Sony is known for its electronic items, and it is famous for their sound and this laptop you will also get good inbuilt speakers which produces good sound. This laptop seems to be specifically design for the women because it is stylish and it comes with 12.3 inch display and it is light weight. Sony is providing Intel core i7 processor in this laptop, and 8GB of Ram which is very fast. You can choose this laptop for its design and processor.
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As you can see in above article that Sony, Dell, HP, Asus, Apple are providing best laptop in the world. Above mentioned laptops have great features and they have great design also which makes them a good laptop for a woman.