Top 5 Messaging Apps For Both Android And Ios Users

Top 5 Messaging Apps For Both Android And Ios Users
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People nowadays are more busy on their phones than on anything else. This is the beauty of technology making the world smaller by connecting people. Messaging apps play a vital role in that. Now, wherever you are- from New Zealand to far off Canada, you can easily chit chat, call, video call the person you love, clients and family. But, the thing is there are many messaging apps around the corners of the world published on the app stores by developers. You must best smartphone available with you to use these apps which you can buy online with AliExpress Coupons. Which are the best ones is the question?

So, we have narrow down the search for you and bring the list of top 5 messaging apps for mobiles.


WhatsApp is without any doubt the most popular messaging app in the world. From texting features to video calling, this messaging app offers everything. In this app, you can text, voice call, video call, group chat using internet connection all over the world. WhatsApp also has many powerful features. You can easily send pictures, videos, music, files to anyone through this messaging platform. To make chats fun, WhatsApp supports stickers and GIFS which makes chatting fun.

All you need is a contact who is on the same platform as you are i.e WhatsApp, the app accesses the contacts and lets you text or calls each other. The app gets regular updates and supports an end to end encryption for privacy. It is available on Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store for free.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook gives you a messaging platform for checking the texts and calls from friends and family at Facebook’s own messaging app, Messenger. You can chat with your friends, call them, start a group chat and play games using this messaging platform. In Facebook Messenger, you can chat with your Facebook friends and add a contact too if you wish by searching their names or scanning the QR code.

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Coming to the features it supports, chats are fun in Messenger with GIFS and free stickers. Moreover, you have ‘Chat Heads’ enabling option in Android devices. Not only this, but Facebook Messenger also has a crazy feature- starting a secret conversation with end-to-end encryption. As per reports, Facebook is also adding the new feature of unsending the texts in Messenger application too as WhatsApp does. Messenger app is freely available on Google Play Store and App Store.


If you are seeking privacy, Telegram is the app you are looking for which offers 256-bit symmetrical AES encryption, 2048-bit RSA encryption, and Diffie–Hellman secure key exchange. Telegram flew off lightning quick from zero to sky with its privacy and other features. The app offers features like group chats and simple chats with offerings like file sharing and pic/video editing tools for GIF and stickers sharing. Moreover, it also has a Secret Chats mode which destructs the messages automatically from both the sending and receiving parties.

Telegram app gets its updates real quick and the latest update offers features like telling the number of people online in the group and creating polls in groups. Telegram is free of cost available at both Google Play Store and App Store.


Snapchat is very unique in the messaging niche which supports features like photo texts, simple text messages, video calls, video messages too. As the name itself says, chatting using snaps i.e pictures. The receiver can screenshot or save the snaps you send and if they don’t want to save them, the snap gets deleted after viewing automatically. Not only this, there is a feature called Snapchat story which lets the users put a story on the app which is out there for 24 hours visible to friends only.

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The app features many filters to edit the pics and videos before you can send it to anyone. This is why this app is really addictive and popular among the youngsters which is available on Google Play Store and App Store too.

Google Allo

Google has its own messaging app called Allo which features Google Assistant support. Just like any other messaging app, Allo also lets you text, video chat with the support of stickers and GIFs. You can also share photos and videos on this platform. Moreover, it supports Google Duo for video calls and like secret chats in Messenger, it has an incognito chat mode which destructs the texts automatically. Not only this, you can chat and speak with Google Assistant like you commonly do with other voice assistants like Siri and Cortana. To have this app you must have Google Pixel mobile series at best discounted rates with Tata Cliq Offers on mobile phone available online.

Google Allo is not only available for Android users but Google has provided the same on iOS platform too for free.