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Top 5 Mistakes You Must Avoid in Email Marketing

Top 5 Mistakes You Must Avoid in Email Marketing
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Over time, I have come to learn that simplicity is the key, and have tried to practice. Just before you begin working on your next e-mail campaign, put yourself in the customer’s shoe and try asking yourself some of the following important questions below:

Does this subject line look meaningful and attract my interest?

Now what is in this for me?

Is the message simple & attractive?

Is there an easy and understandable call to action?

Will this message look OK on my browser or e-mail client?

So given here Top 5 Mistakes You Must Avoid in Email Marketing;

Mistake #1: Bad Subject Line

Now this is one of the most important things you must take proper care of. For instance, picture yourself wearing a very frightening mask and knocked on someone’s door, would the house owner open his door to you after examining you via his door’s eye? I very much doubt that. He will probably ignore you or run to get a weapon of defense in fear. An unprofessionally-written subject line would only guide your message either to the trash can or straight to the junk folder, and trust me, you don’t want that to happen. Below is an example of what a good and a bad Yahoo mail message subject lines looks like:

Bad Subject Line: “Programming Courses For You”

Good Subject Line: “Learn HTML 5 in 30 days!”

Can you spot the difference? The first subject line is weak and does not in any way look attention catching. It also makes the user question what type of courses you are talking about. In his unconscious mind, he would say: “What courses? Why aren’t the options viewable? Might just be another spam message”.

The second subject line on the other hand says it all (HTML Course). Now the user will have knowledge about the offer even before the message is opened. Most importantly, the subject line is attached with a time-frame (30 days) which is just enough to pull the customer to open the message and read more about your offer.

Mistake #2: Bad Targeting

Sending messages to your customers without the point offer will make you appear very unprofessional, and you would be wasting your time, energy and money venturing into that.

Endeavour to do your home work (Analytics) and carry out a regular background check on the mailing list prior to sending any offer to your customers. This will aid in measuring achievement and running your ROI analysis later on.

There are some things you are required to do before thinking about carrying out a new yahoo mail campaign. Customers with high propensities would convert most times. Check these examples:

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Mailing Lists: Create numerous kinds of lists, and when you get a new subscriber, ask him or her about their personal interests, like computers, cars, news and so on. Then based on the choice they make, add them to the appropriate mailing list.

User Profile: Now if the user is a registered member on your website and has a profile, you could send him related offers according to the details on his profile. These details could be age, gender, education, as well as his interests too.

Mistake #3: Bad Sales Copy

So now you have written an effective subject line that has caught the interest of your customer and gingered him to open the message, but regrettably, he can’t read quickly through it, because it’s too long, packed with millions of information, links, loads of images and rainbow colors.

Ok! Here is what you should do:

Personalize The Message

Greet your customer by his name, making use of words like: “Dear John,”. Make them feel quite close.

Fulfill His Needs

Since the message you are sending to him is a targeted one, and you are aware of the fact that he loves programming, make him feel that you know what he desires and what he needs by simply saying: “Are you interested in discovering the wonderful features of HTML 5?”

Keep It Short

Do not get your customer twisted with dozens of information. Just keep the sales copy really brief and use the power of the “bullet points” to emphasize the product / service features.

Make It Emotional

Force the customer to “dream”, to “ponder about” and to “imagine” by saying something like: “Did you know…” or “Imagine that…” or “Let’s explore…” e.t.c. Doing this has a thrilling and productive effect on your sales copy.

Text Formatting

Avoid using all capital words, because it simply means shouting at them. Do not apply more than two colors, as this will divert the reader’s attention from the actual message. You could decide to make the text color black and the links blue.

Less Clutter

You should also avoid including many visuals and use only when required. The visuals should also be very easy to understand, or else you would be distracting the customer.


If you’ve got testimonials from other satisfied customers, you could also add 1-2 testimonials in order to present the customer one more reason to purchase your product.

Mistake #4: Bad Call To Action

Ask yourself this question: What precisely do I want from my customer? Do you wish for him to signup in your forthcoming seminar? or you want him to purchase your latest e-book so he can be permitted to win an iPad? or you simply want him to do the two?

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Bad Call To Action: Using this approach is a bad call to action “Click here to get my e-book for just $25 and you will be entitled to win an iPad.. and hey! Click here to signup in my forthcoming seminar about digital marketing and obtain 20% instant discount!”

Good Call To Action: Now check this “Buy my new e-book within the next three days and get 20% discount. You will also be entitled to win an iPad!”

As you can observe, in the first case study, there are so many calls that may confuse the user. The second example is less complicated, because the call to action is clear. Also, because there is an attached time-limit for the customer to make a choice within three days, the conversion will be much higher, as the interested customers would be afraid of losing the door of opportunity opened to him.

Try not to be focused on too many things, and smartly direct your customer to only one action.

Mistake #5: There Should Be No Compatibility And Usability Tests

The picture you are trying to create will never be complete until it’s greatly visible. Once you are finished with the development of your email message, endeavour to go through the following checklist:

Desktop e-Mail Client Compatibility Test

Examine your message by first opening it in Ms. Outlook. This is one of the most popular e-mail clients out there. It’s important you do this, to ensure that your message is delivered correctly in it.

Web-Based e-Mail Services Test

Will the message come out fine in Yahoo! mail, Hotmail and Gmail? You need to test and preview the message across the most popular e-mail service providers.

Style sheets

Are you making use of the cascading style sheets to run the formatting of the message content? If so, do not use external / imported CSS and plainly define it locally.


Avoid adding images as attachments, but host them on your web server instead and link them accordingly. Do not make use of large size image files, as this will slow down the loading of the message.


E-Mail marketing is simply an art, common sense and a science. Keep trying and testing until you are about 99.9% contented with the quality of your message.