Top 5 Richest Video Game Companies in 2017

Top 5 Richest Video Game Companies in 2017
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The video game is the only immense thing which has been ever formed by human hands, but which company is the best?  We will look at the list of top 5 richest video game companies in 2017 below….

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The interactive activity industry or most usually refers as video gaming industry, is the financial side that contains development, marketing, sales control globally. Due to tech products we have look a rapid improvement in sales in entertainment industry. They employ thousands of people for the work which boost in the national strength. Let’s have a look at these top 5 richest video game companies of all the time.

1. Sony Computer Entertainment

Sony computer entertainment is the best creative & inventive force that creates Sony’s Playstation lines for relieve. Indeed, it is the top most game developing corporation in gaming industry, with fantastic hits like Gran Turismo, God of War as their best sellers.

These are the top two names among many further which Sony Computer Entertainment has made. It is the most peaked & richest video gaming companionship making $13.4 billion of worth.

2. Microsoft Studios

The second richest video gaming group Microsoft studio was formed in 2002 in the association with Xbox. The Microsoft studios are most famous and massive popular corporation because a gaming console is not obligatory for the games only. They are available for phone and Windows PCs. The most famous of it franchise is Halo, which was a first person shooter game nail of the Xbox since 2001.

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It has made 60 millions until now and Halo has donated approximately $3.4 billion from Microsoft Studios value of $12.82 billion.

3. Nintendo

The history of Nintendo is of 125 years. It is the only gaming business which has delivered all kind of games taking from TV video games to Xbox. Their most top game is “Super Mario Bros” where a plumber naming “Mario” in his mission saves his princess”Peach”. From Nintendo entertainment, they have shown an extraordinary revolution through Super Nintendo & gameboy, Wii and Wii U, The Legend of Zelda, and a fabulous gaming series Pokémon etc.

The Nintendo is a leading company with a worth of $6.28 billion market value.

4. Sega

Sega is the only band which rose in the industry by itself with incredible majors like housing Sonic the Hedgehog and the blue rodent. The Sega is now in partnership with former Nintendo and launching new unbelievable titles such as Sonic at the Olympic Games and franchise of Mario.

Sega has a worth value of $4.9 billion.

5. Activision Blizzard

The Activision got merged with Vivendi in 2008 and becomes Activision Blizzard. The joint power becomes a leading company to a number of franchises where they make worldwide top players in video game industry.

Their famous hits franchises are second only to Halo, is perhaps the most popular and the most legendary Call of duty series.

The other most big game by this companionship is World of Warcraft, is the most prominent playing game.

The Activision Blizzard has a market value of $4.85 billion.

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This was the list of incredible top 5 richest video game companies in 2017. These corporations have produced barely credible games all along the years and they have competed vast business in video gaming industry which bring them all the fortunes.