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Top 5 Social Networking Websites in 2019

Top 5 Social Networking Websites in 2019
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Today in the era of globalization the world has surely become smaller. And this process has further been accelerated with the help of social networking websites and social media connections. These social media agencies have been working constantly on providing the easiest way to connect through people all over the world. Today I am going to tell you about the top five social connection agency used all over the world. We have list here of best social media agencies in no particular order.

1.) Facebook

Facebook is the first one to go down the list. Launched in the year 2004 it has been the fastest growing social media agency till now. With time it has developed as the most powerful social media connection. It provides you with almost each and every option once you add them in your friend list. It provides you with the option to chat , voice call , video call and voice recording as well. The messenger provided by Facebook is also very effective. These things make Facebook the best social media agency in the world right now. The drawbacks of the Facebook are its security concerns, privacy issues and also the fake profiles.

2.) Twitter

Twitter is second in the list and is a bit different than Facebook. The Twitter has been basically made to establish a connection between the top personalities of the world and the people of the world. This actually uses a broadcasting feature where you can establish the social media connection to over 300 million users with a single tweet.This social connection agency was established in the year 2006 and currently stands tall as one of the best social media agencies in the world.

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3.) Google +

This social media agency was launched by the multinational company Google after scrapping off Orkut. People had lot of expectations from Google plus but the social media agency was not up to the mark. The drawback of Google plus was it stuff user interface which surely does not make it the best social media agency. People use social media agency to establish connection with the world but Google plus is a bit tough for the normal user which restricts people from making social media connection.

4.) Tumblr

The social media agency was found in 2007 and is owned by Verizon media. The social media agency is based on the concept of blogging. The uses can establish social media connection by following other bloggers as well as by establishing their own blog. It also allows you to share the pictures just like Instagram. Even after so many years it is still one of the best social media agency.

5.) LinkedIn

This social media agency is basically business oriented and it is often used as a platform by the job seekers. The most striking feature of this website is that it provides an effective social media connection between the job providers and the job seekers. Also it is used by many flourish their businesses.

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