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Top 5 Tips to Create a Stunning Logo Design for Your Company

Top 5 Tips to Create a Stunning Logo Design for Your Company
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It is an uphill task to tap into your creative zone, explore its ridges and curves, analyze what might work and what might not, and then generate an idea that blows away the mind of clients.

Since our society is painted with logos of various brands, and even toddlers who are unable to create a string of two sentences properly but have an ability to deduce message of a company by looking at its logo. Therefore, a need to create an outstanding brand mark increases manifolds.

Keeping this in view, many companies etched out on the canvas of the world as the leading logo design services company in Singapore, so the quest to search for an eminent logo providing company ended in the Singapore. Here are the tips, which companies need to follow to create stunning logo designs in the complex field of logo designing.

1. Try to be clever and unique

To create a logo, it is important to understand its need and standing in the current trends of the digital marketing industry. A logo is used to distinguish a particular brand from a group of customers, so it is important to create a logo that stands out from the rest of companies. Tapping into a creative zone and coming up with a great idea is a challenging job- something that not all brands can do.

In most cases, imitation is considered the highest form of flattery but contrary is the case of a logo design. According to a renowned graphic designer David Airey, it is important to create an idea that is different from all the existing ideas. In the light of this statement, it is cardinal to aim for an original idea though the realm of ideas is so giant that it is nearly impossible to come up with an original idea.

Deborah Harkins, a creative director at a prestigious design website 99 designs highlighted the risk of plagiarism in a few words. She said that the online world is so dangerous that one can never guarantee that an idea that appeared online would never be re-used in any other forum, shape or situation. Designers who have a concern about the originality of their own idea can check for plagiarism on certain sites such as Logo Thief.

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2. Understand the nature of a brand

A logo is not just an image but a voice of your brand. It speaks to the audience about your brand. Therefore, a logo must reach a particular set of audience, keep this in your mind while designing a logo.

Jot down the important points about your brand with the help of a mood board that reminds you of the ideology of brand.
You can take examples from websites like Niice to gain some inspiration. However, be cautious: don’t get inspired by the aesthetics, but the message that a brand wants to convey. First research for other visual brands to create a new logo instead of directly jumping to creating one.

3. Focus on color

Before picking up any color, take brand’s personality into account. Think about the brand from every aspect and then decide a color. Always keep in mind that though bold, bright and vibrant colors grab the attention of a customer, but they might seem brash too.

You have to play with muted tones of color to exude sophistication in your work. You have to keep in view all the implications that differentiate colors to bring a certain nuance to your message. Never get trapped in a vortex of conveying a wrong message because of a simple stroke of brush. Recently, a logo company has released an article and infographic displaying the importance of Color Psychology in detail. Here’s a quick reiteration of that:

  • Red denotes bold and energetic
  • Orange represents creative, youthful and friendly
  • Yellow denotes inventive, optimism, sunny
  • Green epitomizes growth, instructional and organic
  • Blue optimizes professional, trustworthy and tranquil.
  • Black represents powerful and credible.
  • White denotes pure, clean and simple.
  • Brown denotes rural, steady and historical

4. Everything is in a name

According to a reputable graphic designer David Airey, a logo comprises of two elements: a symbol and a wordmark. There should be a great deal of research and advertising done before a company represents itself with a symbol.

There are many companies that cling to their Logotype completely such as Coca-Cola, IBM and Ray-Ban.
Not all brands can think of using a logotype, only the ones that have a unique brand name can. If a company has a different brand name, it can get away with a particular logotype, but if not then a company won’t create a memory in the heart of prospective customers. You will need something exceptional to identify your company if you have a generic name.

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Also, always remember to avoid gimmicky fonts while taking the typefaces for your text into an account. For this, you can try tweaking or spacing techniques to create a proper text.

5. Make it flexible and easy

It is important to make a logo interesting by making it a perfect, balanced composition of quirky and simple. You must have seen a logo of FedEx which is nothing more than a simple Logotype. The image showcases a balanced composition of direction, precision and speed.

Also, the company classifies the kind of shipping by changing the color of ‘Ex’. Amazon, too, denotes its vast inventory with a small arrow that is pointing from a to z in its logo.

In this digital age where logos are appeared on many devices and across all social-media platforms, you are supposed to create something that transcends the realm of paper. In addition, your logos should look enticing on various backgrounds and stay aligned with print, icons, avatars, and apps. It should also be flexible in size. For example, Adidas represents the same motif in three bars that are parallel to each other.


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