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Top 6 Sample Lesson Plans for ESE SESE and SSE Teachers

Top 6 Sample Lesson Plans for ESE SESE and SSE Teachers
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Lesson plans are an important part of every class whether you are in primary, middle, high school or in college or university. They are also the main portion of induction level training, in service training, B.ed , M.ed and M.A Education. When we think that why private schools are so successful, then one of the main point that comes into our mind is lesson plan e.g. they do lesson planning and then apply it in class.

It is very unfortunate fact that teachers in government sector don’t even try to do such planning. They plan just for the day when there is a visit of some AEO, DDO or DEO in their class. Being a teacher we should be sincere enough to make such plans in written or just set a plan in your mind before going to class.

Coming to the main point that induction level training is at its peak in all the district of Punjab. As I belong to Chakwal, training of SESEs will end on 22 August 2017 while AEO and ESE training will end at 31 August 31, 2017.

Master trainers are assigning the task of making 5 to 10 lesson plans and submit them in file while 2 presentations are necessary for each participant.

Most of the participants are looking here and there in groups to get some samples of lesson planes so I have come today with Top 6 Sample Lesson Plans for Teachers;

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Lesson Plan 1:

Lesson Plan No. 2

Lesson Plan No. 3

Lesson Plan No. 4

Lesson Plan No. 5:

Lesson Plan No. 6