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Top 60 Question and Answers about Google Adsense

Top 60 Question and Answers about Google Adsense
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Before applying for Google Adsense or even after approval, many webmasters want to clear their ambiguities about this program. The people who have not applied for adsense yet asks questions like how and when they can apply for this program? While the people who are running this Adsense program asks questions about their problems and issues.

I have tried to make this post helpful for both type of people and hopefully you will find the answer of each and every questing about this ad placement network.

Top 60 Question and Answers about Google Adsense:

Question No.1:

If I just embed songs and videos on my site with a little description. Can Google will approve adsense for my website.


There are very less chances that Google will approve your request due to thin content issue. If you want to embed videos, audio etc., you must include a good quality text of minimum of 300 words.

Question No. 2:

My adsense account is approved but but ads are not showing on my website. When I check the earning through control panel, it says that your blog is not qualified for adsense at this time.


You account is not approved fully. Wait for full approval.

Question No. 3:

How adsense will pay me, will it pay on monthly basis or daily basis. When a payment is received, is there any tax for it?


Adsense will pay your through western union with the condition that you have minimum 100$ in your account. There will be standard charges which you have to pay to the bank.

Question No. 4:

if a visitor come onto my blog and click on an ad, how much Google will pay to me.


The rate depends that how user came onto your site. If he came direct through a referral link, the rate will be low but if came through organic search e.g. through Google search then rate will be high for the same click. Similarly it depends that from which country you have received the click. If a country advertiser pay less for ads to Google then Google will also pay you less and vice versa. In this way, if an ad is clicked from Pakistan, you will be paid less as compared to USA or UK.

Question No. 5:

There is general criteria that apply for adsense when your website age is at least 3 month and you are continually working on it. How can I check the domain age of my site?


There are different online tools that help to know about your domain age. For example you can use the tool www.webconfs.com/domain-age.php

Question No. 6:

If I have a approved adsense account and I want to get adsense for another site. Can I use the same address in my application?


You can’t use the same address.

Question No. 7:

Google adsense ads are not showing on my blog, only a blank space equal to the ad. What is the issue?


Your account is not fully approved, wait for the full approval.

Question No. 8:

Can adsense will be approved for my sites on .tk or .ml domain?


These domains are not recommended. However, you can try to get adsense for them.

Question No. 9:

My account was approved in 5 months earlier and about 30$ were there on it. Suddenly Google banned it due to reason of invalid clicks. Now from where I can get my money?


Unfortunately, you can’t get back your money and also you can’t get your account back. However, you can appeal to Google to restore your adsense.

Question No. 10:

I have heard that Google Adsense is banned in countries like Pakistan?


You have heard wrong however if you belong to any of such country, Google may treat you strictly.

Question No. 11:

I have a blog having about 400 to 500 views daily and I have applied adsense that I got from my friend. Now I want to get my own adsense for this site?


Yes, you can apply for it however it depends on Google to approve or disapprove your request.

Question No. 12:

I have address issue then how I can receive my pin from Google?


If you have address issue, you can upload your driving license or passport to your Google Adsense account.

Question No. 13:

I don’t have a website then how I can earn money?


If you don’t have a website, just get a domain in 1000 RS and then convert your blogspot to your domain and start working on it. If you don’t want to make your website, then you can look for some other ways of online earning here.

Question No. 14:

If daily 50 users visit my website and in this way 500 views I will get. Then how much I can earn on daily basis?


You can earn 1$ per day in this way.

Question No. 15:

I have 10$ in my account but still payment form is not appearing in the account. What can I do?


Google will send you a pin shortly. After entering the pin in your account, you will be able to see the payment form.

Question No. 16:

If I have daily 300 visitors and blog is also updated daily then how much I can earn?


You can earn 5$ daily in this way.

Question No. 17:

Can we use adsense along with infolinks?


If you have good authority in front of Google, you can use. However avoid this if your site is new.

Question No. 18:

I want to make my adsense account. I have heard that I have to pay 150$ to approve my account. Is it true?


No, it is not true.

Question No. 19:

Is there any limit of Adsense ads? Also tell me that Adsense will automatically will place ads on my site after approval or I have to place myself?


There is no limit on Adsense ads and you have to place your ads by your own.

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Question No. 20:

Can I get adsense for my WordPress sub-domain, tumbler and BlogSpot?


You can’t get account on subdomains accept blogpost. If you want to get it on WordPress and tumbler, you have to convert it from subdomain to domain.

Question No. 21:

I have a site where I provide the links of full and cracked software and games. Can I apply for Google Adsense?


There are very minor chances that Google will approve your site for adsense because the sharing such type of content is illegal.

Question No. 22:

I have a website where I post ads of different jobs and admission of colleges/universities. Will Google approve it for adsense?


There are very minor chances that Google will approve due to thin content issue.

Question No. 23:

Youtube is blocked in my county. Can I use adsense for it by use of proxy.


You can run adsense program using proxy. However, to get payment you need to have an account in the selected country.

Question No. 24:

I have 75$ in my adsense account but still I have received no pin from Google. What can I do?


You have missed your mail post. You can ask again to Google to send you the pin through your account area. Check answer of question 34 for more details.

Question No. 25:

I have applied for Google Adsense many type but every time Google reject my application with the reason that you have insufficient content. What can I do?


You should have minimum of 300 words for each post. So improve your old as well as new post and then apply again.

Question No. 26:

If someone uses others websites to apply for Google Adsense, is it possible?


If you don’t own a website and still apply for Google Adsense, it is not possible because Google provides you the ad code that you have to place in your theme files hearder, footer through adding widgets. As you can’t access the dashboard of others, therefore applying Google Adsense in this way is not possible.

Question No. 27:

Can I apply for Google Adsense with .in domain?


Yes, you can apply for it. All depends that your website is according to the Google Guidelines.

Question No. 28:

I have a website having age of 9 month and daily views of more than 500. I applied for Google Adsense multiple times, but it rejects saying that your website don’t comply with Adsense policies, review your website and apply again. What I can do in this case?


You have to read the Google policies carefully and do the changes according to them. Hopefully, then your account will be approved.

Question No. 29:

If some website is rejected for Google Adsense once, can I apply again for it?


Yes, you can apply again but make sure that you have reviewed the site and have made the necessary changes. However, If you are banned after the approval, then you can’t apply.

Question No. 30:

I have a website on which Google adsense is approved. Can I use the same adsesne codes on one of my other site?


Yes, you can apply the same adsense on all of your sites. However, it may risks you when your single account will be banned, then all sites will be affected.

Question No. 31:

I applied for Google Adsense by selecting Pakistan as county and Google rejected it. Next time, I selected it as Dubai and Google approved my account. What is the issue for selection of Pakistan?


Google Adsense has somehow bad experience with Pakistani people, so they are hardly approving the accounts. That’s why you faced this issue.

Question No. 32:

Can I use other ad networks such as infolinks with Google Adsense?


Yes, you can use any ad network with adsense however try to make the color scheme for both networks so that Google Adsense ads will be differentiated from other ads.

Question No. 33:

Can we get adsense on a software links websites?


If you write reviews for software then there are high chances of approval. However, If you want to just share the links of software, then it is hard to approve.

Question No. 34:

I have 44$ in my account but have not received the Google pin? What I can do?


You can request for Google Pin again from your adsense dashboard by going through settings>account information>verify address>request new pin. However you have to request again after 4 weeks from the previous pin generation. You can check the adsense help blog link for pin issue here.

Question No. 35:

I am using SSL certificate i.e. https protocol on my site, is the procedure will be same for Google adsense application?


Yes, procedure is the same for this. Google likes SSL enabled website so you have more chances of approval.

Question No. 36:

How many adsense ads can be used on a single website?


You can show as many ads as you want on your website. However, if you use so many ads, your website will slow down.

Question No. 37:

How much Google pay for click on single ad?


It depends on the source from where the clicking visitor has came. If it is a referral traffic or direct, then Google pays low but if has came from organic source, then rate will be high.

Question No. 38:

Can I open one than more Google Adsense accounts from a single email ID?


No, you can not

Question No. 39:

If Google Adsense account disapproved from an email IDs, can I used another email ID to send the adsense application?


Yes, you can

Question No. 40:

I applied for Google Adsense and after some days, I received an email from Google that place the ads in your website. All I understood accept the last line, “Place the ad code on a live page of your website. It does not have to be the main page, but test pages that are empty except for the AdSense ad code will not be approved.” What this means?

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It means that place the Google ad at some page where you are getting the traffic. It should not be an empty page.

Question No. 41:

If I drive traffic from social media, then how Google will look on this?


Google gives a minor importance from the social media derived traffic. Either it will deduct that amount or will pay very less for it.

Question No. 42:

In Pakistan, if there are high CPC keyword clicks or low CPC click, the rates are almost same. But if the same click happens from USA or UK, its price is high. What is the issue for that?


As in Pakistan, mostly the local ads are shown so even they are came for high CPC keyword, they will be charged at the same price because the advertisers in Pakistan pay low to Google for their ads.

Question No. 43:

For online games websites, can I get the Google Adsense account?


Yes, you can get adsense for that but the point is that you should be the owner of those games.

Question No. 44:

To apply for Google Adsense, what are the requirements for a website?


To apply Google Adsense, your website should be at least 4 months old having at least 200 views daily and 50% traffic should be from Google.

Question No. 45:

I have copied the Google adsense code from my account but don’t know where to paste this code. Please help me


There are three different ways to do that;

  • Place the code in the widget from WordPress dashboard and place the widget at header, footer or side bars.
  • Go to theme files editor and place the code in header, footer, single post files and save.
  • You can use the WordPress Adsense Plugins to place the code at any place. Just you need to connect your adsense with the plugin area from your dashboard.
Question No. 46:

Is there any effect on my Adsense account if I open it again and again.


There is absolutely no effect on your account. However, it is not wise to open it again and again.

Question No. 47:

Adsense is disabled on my site, can I use adsensse from another account on this site. Will it work?


This way it will not work on a disabled site.

Question No. 48:

I am from Pakistan and when I tried to turn on the monetization option from Youtube channel settings it says that Youtube Monetization option is not available in Pakistan. What can I do in this case?


This program is not available in Pakistan however you can try to change your location from channel advanced settings. May be it can work for you.

Question No. 49:

How to show youtube channel ads on my channel?


Just associate the channel with monetization and ads will automatically show after approval of hosted adsense account.

Question No. 50:

Can I use Adsense on a site having content in my native language for example urdu?


Yes, you can get adsense for a native language site.

Question No. 51:

Google has sent me the payment to me through western union. How can I get my payment?


It’s just simple, just go the bank branch of western union, provide them your cnic copy along with MTCN code that Google has provided to you. They will give you your money.

Question No. 52:

I have an approved adsense account from USA and I want to use it in Pakistan. Is it possible?


Although, it is not possible but you can try to check it through payment settings>payee profile.

Question No. 53:

I tried to place responsive ads on my site e.g. there is option at adsense backend to place responsive ads but the ads are not showing responsive.


Your theme may be unresponsive.

Question No. 54:

I have daily visits of 400 to 500 on my website and most of the traffic is from Pakistan but my earning is very low like 1$ per day. What is the issue?


Users coming from Pakistan can give you only a small amount so that is fine. Check question no. 42 for its complete answer.

Question No. 55:

If I apply Google adsense on my site, earning will be from the impression or clicks?


Earning will be from clicks and not from impressions.

Question No. 56:

Can I apply for adsense account for wrestling site?


Yes, you can apply for it as long as it comply with the Google Adsense policies.

Question No. 57:

I have made my youtube channel and apply monetization. One of my video has 200 views but my balance is still zero. What is the issue with it?


Wait for some days and soon you will see the payment in your account.

Question No. 58:

I have got a hosted Adsense account from Youtube. Now when I apply it on my blogger website, it shows blank space. What is the issue?


If you have a hosted account then before applying it to your blogger website, you need to provide the url of your blog to your adesenes to get approval. After that your ads will show.

Question No. 59:

I am using Infolinks ad network on my site and now want to apply for Adsense. Can I apply for adsense while the infolinks still active.


No, you need to deactivate the infolinks and then submit it to Google Adsense. If approved, you can again show infolinks on your site but for the review period remove the other networks.

Question No. 60:

My adsense request is disapproved, after how much period I can apply again.


There is no certain period for applying again. However, it is better to rephrase your website with changes and apply again after 6 months.