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Top 7 WordPress Marketing Plugins To Use on Your Website

Top 7 WordPress Marketing Plugins To Use on Your Website
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In digital marketing arena, competition keeps on becoming tough. The market is changing constantly and there are so many points, which modern marketers have to keep in mind. Luckily, the market houses some useful tools, which might make life of digital marketers a lot easier. WordPress remains one of the trusted and widely used open source platforms. Some studies indicate that around 1.4 of internet is revolving around WordPress. There are varieties of WordPress Marketing Plugins, themes and templates available, all ready to improve the condition of website. Here, you will learn about the widely used WordPress plugins to help run your website smoothly.

1. Jetpack:

If you are a WordPress developer, Jetpack is the first plugin to install. This particular plugin has lot to offer. It is a power tool, which helps in keeping you website safer. It further works wonder with visitor engagement, traffic generation, SEO, social sharing, functionality, advertisement and more. It has over 30 services. It creates an amazing visual for your content. Other than that, you will find useful widgets and a much-needed support service.

2. Yoast SEO:

Primarily known as the granddad of WordPress SEO plugins, Yoast SEO is not quite a secret anymore. It has become an important tool for every digital marketer. It helps you to nail on-page SEO, which is the main priority of website owner.

  • This plugin comprises of technical SEO checklist. It ensures that your meta tags, permalinks and other technical points are all updated and ready to use.
  • Through this plugin, you get the opportunity to write descriptions and customized meta titles for every post made. These steps are mandatory for improving SEO and optimizing number of clicks in organic search listings.
  • You don’t have to worry about separate sitemap plugin. This tool creates sitemap and improves Bing and Google about it.
  • Furthermore, you get the opportunity to add breadcrumbs to site, which are best for user experience and indexing.SEOPressor:

3. Just Writing:

Through Just Writing, you can take DFWM of WordPress to a completely new level. To help bloggers in focusing on words without constant drop out of Distraction Free writing mode for basic formatting, Just Writing adds multiple features like paragraph styling and spell check. Once the developers start using this tool for wordpress website development, they will get a hang of it. This plugin is simple to use and available with detailed steps.

4. SEOPressor:

If you don’t trust free plugin, you need to head for the premium version. For that, SEOPressor is the one to try out. For the starters, this plugin helps in optimizing content for around 3 keywords. It even searches website for SEO improvements, which will then be flagged in WordPress dashboard.

Keyword research forms an integral part of attracting traffic. This plugin identifies all the long tail keywords, once you write. For creating powerful snippets, add Schema mark-up to SEOPressor, for making it an invaluable purchase ever.

5. SendinBlue:

When it comes to marketing, em5 Best Ways to Earn Money from Your WordPress Websiteail still has its own place secured. It is one of the most effective marketing points for attracting people to come and visit your site. SendinBlue has its own user friendly dashboard, where you can store your user lists and email drafts securely.

Furthermore, you can use this plugin for sending out transactional emails, marketing emails and some mobile messages too. After sending an email, you will receive detailed stats and reports to know more about click rates, open rates and user engagement data.

SendinBlue is a paid tool, but it has a free plan to it. The paid plans start at $7.37 every month for 40,000 emails. There is no daily limitation.

6. Broken Link Checker:

WordPress has a live broken link checker in 4.6 version. But this won’t help if the link goes own by publishing post. Broken links are waste of space and give rise to poor user experience. During that time, if you can install Broken Link Checker, this plugin will look for broken links constantly. This plugin tool helps to mark broken image links and broken outbound links. It can further edit broken links from plugin dashboard. You will receive some broken link notifications through dashboard or via email.

7. Revive Old Post:

Another free WordPress marketing plugin tool, Revive Old Post is designed to save your time by posting articles automatically on social sites. It will further auto-share your posts at a regular interval. You can set multiple things about shares. You can set the interval timing, how old the post needs to be before sharing, number of posts to share and more. You can further select the article format you want the tool to share on your behalf.

WordPress has been a household name in terms of CMS and these 7 plugins are adding endless options at your disposal. Select one or even more, as per your requirements.

Author Bio: Brandon Graves works for Html to wordpress Company