Top Material Design Game with Android

Top Material Design Game with Android
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Material Design Game was made popular by Google released Android 5.0 Lollipop in 2014. There is numerous material design games and they’re extremely popular. They usually come in different genres and most importantly, the fact which makes them special for me is their small size. They don’t take much space in your phone, specifically, the games under 10MB. So, without any further due lets check out some of the most popular and successful.

Top material design game with Android –

1. Prune –

Prune is a bold attempt. You have to cut a tree’s branches to help it grow using the sunlight. Although, its a paid game but very soothing to eyes because of very limited color usage to its UI. The developers often suggest the game as “a love letter to trees” and I must say it really is. A very simple yet a mesmerizing attempt. As it is an paid App, there is no headache of annoying ads, and you can enjoy the game with a smooth.

2. Big Hunter –

Big Hunter is an another very simple yet a bold attempt to create an out of the box game. You have to kill a moving mammoth in order to win. The game is very entertaining and addictive. The only fact which may annoy you is that their nothing called character upgrade in the game to kill the mammoth. Its free and full of fun, don’t forget to give it a try.

3. Alto’s Adventure –

Alto’s Adventure is full-on packed with thrill Endless Runner Game. It is sized 45MB and supports almost all Android devices. It has managed to cross the milestone of over 1 million downloads on Google Playstore. You have to help Alto to catch all the Llamas down to the ski slope.

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You have to face numerous hurdles like the horses, cliffs, rocks, enemies, and an unpredictable weather and that’s a lot more to digest. If you like material design games, then Alro’s Adventure must be in your playlist.

4. Gyro –

Gyro is an old-school arcade based games where you have to catch some colored balls replicating with the rotating wheels around them. A very simple but interesting game. The target is to clear more and more levels and gain power-ups to improve rapidly. This game might sound boring but playing it would a very fun affair! Just try it. Gyro is a perfect test of your hand and eye coordination.

5. Mars Mars –

Mars Mars is a space exploration game in which you’re martian who is supposed to land on different landing stations. The parallel settings in the game is the factor which makes it very interesting. The gorgeous setup and colors will make you completely fill in with the game. Compared to the size of 49MB, the game brings a lot to the table to get entertained. You can even choose your enemies between Aliens and machines. Ge ready for a mesmerizing space exploration journey.

6. Limbo –

Limbo is an appealing game with an unexpected way of turning things great. It completely defies colors and went on full black and white. The background score and detailing of every tiny thing in the game leaves to speechless.

You’re a lone wondering brother in search of her sitter facing all the possible obstacles. The game is a smash hit and deserves all the fame and credit it received. It is honored by most of the repute tech magazines as a must-have game on your Android.

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Wrapping Up –

Those were the best material design games according to me. Kindly refer the whole art ice to have a clear picture and try all the awesome game at least once.