Twitter Finally Launched Promoted Tweets Feature in Pakistan

Twitter Finally Launched Promoted Tweets Feature in Pakistan
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Twitter Finally Launched Promoted Tweets Feature in Pakistan

The most popular online social network “Twitter” has launched promoted tweets feature in Pakistan. With this feature the online businessman’s or other people now can promote and engage tweets to their audience for business and other purposes.

From this service, the users can convey their message regarding their products/services and attach pictures/videos to the targeted audience or whom they want to deliver their message or Ads etc.

Through this feature the Pakistani community can brand messages in a user feeds. The Twitter has rolled out this service in many other counties including Pakistan. This service was launched sometime 5 years ago but, it was restricted to very few countries. But, now it has been launched to 167 other countries which were restricted to limited countries.

Twitter Tweets How it works

How it works?

Promoting a tweet is very simple as it is, you only have to write a small piece of content on twitter, which consist of any news, announcement, specific event, sale or release of any new product etc. Then, simply attach any video or image with the tweet and set targeted audience where you want to deliver this tweet.

Now, launch the tweet as it will be displayed on the home screen of the defined audience to boost revenue for your business. You should have to stay connected in term of replies otherwise, the ad will get disappeared. For more details visit this page: ads.twitter.com

How Twitter is Earning?

Currently, Twitter is earning 63% of revenue from USA, but now they have aimed through this launch they will earn more revenue globally. The Adam brain, who is the revenue chief at Twitter, has told that the company is interested to capture more market from those who are Smartphones users.

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The online social network has seen increase in users from Middle East that led Twitter publicizing a partnership with “Connect ads” which is an Egypt base company. The Twitter’s promoted tweets will be sold in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Kuwait, and Pakistan through this company “Connect Ads”.

Twitter has secured 4 customers the Pepsi Arabia, Dubai calendar, Mobily Saudia and Atlantis Hotel.