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Twitter Introduced 69 More Emojis to Describe as Improved Consumer Sentiment

Twitter Introduced 69 More Emojis to Describe as Improved Consumer Sentiment
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Social networking website Twitter has announced 69 more interested emojis for a better customers sentiment. Now the total number of emojis are 239.

Nowadays, every Internet and smartphone users feel incomplete without chats Emoji. What’s why every social networking site and software are presenting the most Emojis for the users.

Twitter has filed 69 more emojis and introduced for the interest of the users as well as keeping their feelings and emotions in mind.

Twitter has released the 5.0 version of the Emojis. After this increase, the total number of emojis which Twitter has are 239 inclusive options for gender and skin tones.

These Emoji 5.0 lineup, includes a England flag, swearing emoji, a woman in hijab, dinosaurs, and more variety of diverse skin tones.

This creativity has been unveiled by Twitter designer “Bryan Haggerty”.

These interesting Emojis by Twitter were introduced for Web version and they will be available very soon, but the smartphone users have to wait to take benefit from this feature.

The Other emoji which are featured in 5.0 update also have a Child, Adult, Older Adult, Woman With Headscarf, Bearded Person, vomiting emoji, orange heart,Woman Mage, Man Mage, Woman Fairy, Man Fairy, Woman Vampire, Man Vampire, Mermaid, Merman, Woman Elf, Man Elf, Woman Genie, Man Genie, Woman Zombie, Man Zombie and a woman breastfeeding.

More food based icons like pretzel, broccoli and pie Food and Drink:

Coconut, Broccoli,Pretzel, Cut of Meat, Sandwich, Bowl With Spoon, Canned Food, Dumpling, Fortune Cookie, Takeout Box, Pie, Cup With Straw, Chopsticks are also included in this update.

These new emojis are not compatible with Twitter  for iOS, Android, Windows and macOS, as they are using use their own native emojis.