The Ultimate Guide To E-commerce Trend In The United Kingdom

The Ultimate Guide To E-commerce Trend In The United Kingdom
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There is no doubt that E-commerce has captured the whole world in its charisma. Most of the e-commerce expert have predicted that the future of this field is getting more and more bright and successful.

Now let’s come towards the main topic on which I want to share with you, is guidelines to e-commerce in the united kingdom. The UK is one of the most prominent countries when its comes to e-commerce. They have one of the important and stable business economies in the world.

 E-commerce statistics Of United Kingdom

According to BBC news UK, the latest population of the united kingdom is 2016 is round about to 65.1 million. The next important thing which I am going to tell you is that how many people are using internet services in the united kingdom. According to one of the leading statistics reporting company statista mentioned that currently up to (June 2016) 60.27 % which is a big percentage, when its comes to e-commerce activities. The most important things for those who are interested in online business especially in the UK wants to know about online sales. The net worth of United kingdom online retail sales of the last year 2015 is pound 52.25 billion.

 You can also see the statistics of these countries in table form as well.

Population up to (june 2016)65.1 million people
Internet users up to (june 2016)60%
Online Retail sales (june 2016)€52.25 billion (2015)
Famous online stores in U.K Amazon , Ebay ,Tesco, Asos, Argos
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Trend of UK customers in E-commerce

Now I will share the buying pattern of UK people with you guys . Most of the people in these part of the countries make online purchasing through credit cards. You can say almost 50 % of transactions  with credit cards, Some go with the debit card. After the credit card, most of the online proceedings is through papal. So if we want to see it in combined ratio then it will up to to 96 % purchasing through these payment methods.

Now the next question which took place in our mind is that which category has more lead generation. After a deep research, I have found that fashion and sports are two main segments which are trendier in the united kingdom. Apart from these niches some of other important categories which we can’t ignore are movies, music, books, and magazines etc.

One important thing which kept our eyes on towards online is that 82 % & British internet visitors  make online purchases which are more than in any country in the whole European states. The major reason behind all this is that most of the people own smartphones approximately 76%  in latest reports (2015) by Deloitte .

mobile shopping

Most famous online stores in the UK 

There are some  online stores which are considered most famous in the eye of customers  in the U.K. The number one market share holder is Amazan UK which holds about  16 % share . the second position holds by Tesco 9 % shares  and Ebay 8% ranked 3rd .Some of other well-known online stores are Asos, Rakuten, and Argos etc.

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This article is about the latest trend and statistics of online shopping in the united kingdom which can be beneficial for both customers and businessmen  .The facts and figures are taken from the most credible sites  like statisca, BBC News etc, but it can marginally vary but not drastic.