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Understanding the Need for Prototyping Tools for Prototyping Instagram & Testing Your Web Design

Understanding the Need for Prototyping Tools for Prototyping Instagram & Testing Your Web Design
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As a qualified web designer, you must be getting a host of design ideas. Sometimes, they are simply the best while at times, they could be the worst. But it is not possible for you to know what would work best if your design ideas are not examined in reality. Now that is where prototyping tools come into the picture and they are a major relief and a reason to rejoice for the community of professional digital designers whether web designers or app designers. Thanks to prototyping tools you could effectively design any application you wish to, in Sketch.

Moreover, you could now easily design an Instagram app right from scratch. You may start by building a wonderful prototype of Instagram while seeing Instagram’s User Interface and focusing precisely on a pull-to-refresh act along with the way the header would be reacting to the precise position of your feed. Moreover, you could be using variables and a whole new approach to scrolling the content for syncing animations.

What Do You Mean by Prototyping Tools for Web Designers?

According to, “Prototyping is an integral part of the design process, as it lets you and your team review concepts and share feedback in the early stages of a project. By creating an interactive mockup of a website or mobile app, you are able to identify any shortcomings in the flow and usability of your design before investing too much time or money into development.”

Simply speaking, prototyping tools would be allowing designers to get a feel of the way their project would work once it is completed. These prototyping tools help you in simulating how the apps flow, evaluating their performance, and creating a fantastic User Experience for websites and apps without writing even one line of code. There is a plethora of UX design tools or prototyping tools and they come with different uses and goals. This implies that similar prototyping tools actually would not be working every time. We know that to craft prototypes, professional designers use a host of prototyping tools and that may include both the advanced and simple tools according to the need of the hour.

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Factors to Consider while Choosing the Prototyping Tools for Designing

It is pretty challenging to choose the right prototyping tools meant for designing from an overwhelming variety of these tools available online. So you must consider the following factors which would prove to be helpful in your research.

  • Adaptation: Always opt for a tool that is easy to adapt and analyze.
  • Sharing: Teamwork is of utmost importance for a successful design project, so examine if the tool is right for collaboration with all other team members.
  • Usage: See if the tool fits perfectly with your unique design process and most of the other tools used by you on a regular basis.
  • Ease of Use: It is essential to check out the ease of use while choosing a prototyping tool as that would be saving precious time and helping the designer to boost output.
  • Price: Do not go overboard with niche features and better stick to your budget. Concentrate on creating attractive and flawless designs to keep Instagrammers engaged in your content and boost more followers for Instagram.

Some Amazing Prototyping Tools for Testing Your Designs

Marvel app: Marvel is supposed to be primarily an effective browser-based prototyping tool that helps in simplifying the process. You could upload all your image files easily to Marvel and even go on to add gestures, as well as, transitions.

InVision: InVision is supposed to be an extremely popular prototyping tool worldwide since its team consistently adds brilliant new features and facilitates professional designers in creating prototypes easily and flawlessly. Design teams and clients could give their respective feedbacks on the prototype directly without any difficulty.

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Justinmind: This is a great prototyping tool that helps designers in creating fascinating simulations of their web and mobile applications. You could easily incorporate your precise corporate identity elements instantly into your prototypes using Justinmind.


Instagrammers are used to the high-quality pictures that are shared on this predominantly visual-centric platform. You could drive visitors to your web design company’s website only if you come up with original and flawless designs. You need to use superlative posts to engage Instagrammers and to keep them motivated enough to go for conversions. Remember prototyping tools play a pivotal role in helping designers to test and come up with not only brilliant but flawless designs.