How to use Whatsapp without Number Verification?

How to use Whatsapp without Number Verification?
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WhatsApp – the most widely used application around the world. It has replaced the traditional SMS and MMS and phone calls as well. It is available for free except the data charges that apply while you use it. You all must be aware that to use it, you must have an unregistered mobile number as every WhatsApp account is made on a unique number. Let’s learn “How to use Whatsapp without Number Verification – a step by step guide.

But what if I say, you can create WhatsApp account without needing a SIM card.

I know you would not believe and thus I will suggest you to stop laughing and read this article as it is yet another hack which might prove to be fruitful for you. Sit back and relax and read it till the end to know how to use WhatsApp without phone number that is without having mobile device to have SIM card.

I will show you two methods and you can choose whichever you like. You must follow the steps as mentioned so that you get no error while setting up the WhatsApp account.

  • Method 1 : Use a third party app called ‘TextNow’ app

– ‘TextNow’ app is a messaging app available for free on the play store. You can download and install it free of cost. It has an easy and quick installation process.

– You need to have an internet connection or wifi which using this whole process.

– This app provides you with the unique 10 digit number and that number is what we are looking for, for this complete verification process that is required by WhatsApp.

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– Follow the steps below to know how to obtain the mobile number that will be used for the WhatsApp verification.

  1. Step 1 – Download

Download the ‘TextNow’ app from the play store. Install it by following the required steps mentioned by the app provider.

  1. Step 2 – Install

Install it by following the required steps mentioned by the app provider.

  1. Step 3 – Obtain 10 digit number

After the installation process for the ‘TextNow’ app gets completed, the next step is to get a unique 10 digit mobile number from this application. You will get a unique 10 digit number from this application once it gets installed successfully.

When you open up this ‘TextNow’ app, you will see an icon with three lines or you might see an option called People Tab, by clicking on any of the mentioned; you will get a 10 digit unique number. One kind mention here, If you want to use whatsapp with additional functionalities then do give a try to whatsapp mod gb-whatsapp.  Write this 10 digit number on a paper or some notepad as it will be used later.

  1. Step 4 – Enter the number obtained from ‘TextNow’ app in WhatsApp

Once you have obtained the number from the ‘TextNow’ app, you can use this number while setting up the WhatsApp account. Open up the WhatsApp app and click on ‘Agree and Continue’ and then it will ask you to enter the country code and the mobile number. Enter there the number you have written from the ‘TextNow’ app. This number will now be used to further verification and if it gets verified successfully, it will be used to setup the WhatsApp account.

  1. Step 5 – Wait for SMS verification to fail
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Keep the WhatsApp app opened and once you have completed the above step, WhatsApp will send a text message to the mobile number you mentioned and that text message carry the OTP. But don’t worry if you have not got any SMS; we have an alternative for this as well. After 5 min, if you don’t enter the OTP sent via SMS, you will get a call. Open up the ‘TextNow’ app and receive the call from WhatsApp. In that call, it will tell you the OTP, write it down.

  1. Step 6 – Get OTP from WhatsApp call

Open up the WhatsApp and enter the OTP, this completes you verification process and thus the WhatsApp is set and you can now use as if it has been set on your number.

  • Method 2 : Landline number used to set WhatsApp account


  •  In this method all you need to do is to enter the landline number when you are asked to enter number when you set up the WhatsApp account.

  •  Then click next and verification by SMS will be done.
  •  Wait for the SMS verification step to fail.
  •  WhatsApp will now call on the landline number. Attend that call and write down the OTP mentioned in that call.

  •  Enter that OTP in the WhatsApp account set up process. Hence the WhatsApp account is set up without requiring any new SIM card in your mobile device.

So you can choose the method whichever you like and enjoy using WhatsApp hacks.