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Useful SEO Trends For Marketers Meet With Search Engine Requirements

Useful SEO Trends For Marketers Meet With Search Engine Requirements
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Apart from making sure that the best contents are included in your website with or without the help of any professional web design service, it is important in this modern world to make your website more functional. The only way in which you can make your site more functional and performance oriented you will need to add features, keys and other tools that will make it a perfect mobile site as well as serve the purpose when a user look for it in their desktop.

Being Infographic is the demand of the hour and it is a very good idea to enhance the performance of your mobile site to its peak. This will help you in turn to gain the best rankings in the search engines for your articles.

Apart from that, you must also make sure that it is quick to load because the slower your site is, not only the users will leave your site soon but the slow speed will also prevent your site from appearing higher in the search list of Google.

Even if you save a second in the loading speed it will dramatically boost the authority of your site and at the same time will drive more organic traffic to the web page. According to a survey conducted by Web CEO, it is found that the top 10 mobile sites take about 1.10 seconds to load and the top 30 sites load in about 1.17 seconds. The inference, ‘Every second counts!’


While loading speed of a site is one critical aspect for your mobile site, another aspect to consider is to use a valid CSS and HTML. This will not only make your mobile site more reachable and easily found but will also improve the functionality as well as ranking of your desktop version as well.

Google prefers sites that abide by the conventions of CSS and HTML and there just juke any other online branding service you must also make sure that you do not break the rules of these specific web frameworks. You will not only prevent your sites to gain better SEO and search engine results but in doing so you may also increase the chances of being penalized by Google.

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Follow the best practices

To improve the look of your articles as well as increase the chances of gaining a better rank among the search engines’ results, you must make sure that you are following the best practices as set and required for your web content.

  • To do this, you must start with knowing and following the W3C Markup Validation Service and use the W3C Validator tool for this matter. Simply type the name of your domain and click Check. You will receive a good score if your site follows the regulations and requirements of CSS and HTML or else get a sequence of recommendations on the areas that need some improvements. If you are not very well accustomed with such technical aspects of your blog, then the professional service will help you to make the necessary changes quickly and will not charge you a fortune for such service.
  • Next you must think beyond the text itself to make the best of the internet and improve your Google search results. Make sure that you include more than just words in your content and make the best use of different types of media. This will help you improve your site ranking both now as well as in the future.
  • Also make sure that you include a lot of precise and relevant social sharing buttons to make the best use of the social media. Since its advent the social media has engaged more and more people enabling them to share their comment and views with their friends and followers within a large community. If they like your content and find something interesting to share they will surely do so through their favorite social media channels thereby increasing your reach extensively and ostensibly.

Therefore, to keep up with the demand of the hour, if you do not have a social account or social sharing on your website already, it is high time that you add one to it. According to reports of Web CEO, this is one of the best ways to gain the best of these social signals that are the keys for SEO success in this modern digital world.

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Use SEO plugin

One of the easiest ways to achieve this is by adding a SEO plugin. This will ensure that a social sharing buttons is added on the side of every blog article that you have written. The most significant benefit you will enjoy then is that you will find more number and highly engaged readers of your content. In turn it will help you to stay relevant and found in the Google’s search results.

  • To enhance your online presence imbed many different types of media because SEOEaze has found it is survey that about 65% of the web traffic comes from video. This happens to be the best way to gain momentum for your site and brand that will help you to provide even better content for the readers and enhanced UX to the visitors.
  • Expert often suggest including relevant and short video and audio files along with pictures and special types of contents such as tools, apps, calculators, and other features. All these are very helpful resources that will increase Google rankings and will also build a lot of backlinks at the same time along with a guarantee of generating more ongoing traffic even.

This is because someone in need to use one of this resources will have to return to your site which will automatically and invariably show Google that it is a valuable source and content and therefore deserves a higher ranking.

Therefore, if you want your site to rank higher on Google, it is elementary that you put in some time, work and effort to make it happen and use the best strategies and tactics to make a massive SEO that will directly produce more sales, revenue, and profit.