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The Usefulness of E-Voting App for Political Voting

The Usefulness of E-Voting App for Political Voting
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Across the world every democracy conducts elections by which the citizens choses their leader. As India is considered as one of the largest democracy in the world so the number of elections conducted here are also in large numbers. Hence, it could be assumed that the political voting is done in large scale. All these elections are conducted through direct voting. Hence, the Government has to incur huge amount for conducting these elections. If e-voting app is introduced, then there are numerous benefits which would genuinely impact the whole Political voting system.

Benefits of e-voting app in political voting

  • Convenience: In every 5 years Lok sabha elections is conducted which consists of 543 different elections through 543 members of parliament are elected. This is a direct voting process in which the citizen has to visit the polling booth for voting. If the voting is done through Political voting app then it will be convenient for the people to vote and the number of people participating in the voting process will also increase. It will further encourage the voting process in state and municipal elections.
  • Safety: In such a big democracy like India which has 29 states and 7 union territories, every 5 years 4120 elections are conducted where MLAs are elected by the citizens directly. In such a large sphere safety of the votes is a major concern. When e-voting is introduced for voting process then the chances of losing the ballot papers, fake voting by individuals and tampering of votes could be avoided very easily.
  • Cost: Only in conducting the Lok Sabha elections, which consists of 543 elections India spends more than $5billion. Near about similar amount is spent in state elections. After introduction of EVM machines huge amount has been spent for procuring it. Later it is also claimed to be tampered many times. Introduction of e-voting app in that scenario would be very useful for saving huge amount of money and conducting the whole process in smooth way.
  • Complexity: The most vital indirect election is that of President and vice president which also has very complex weightage system and single transferable vote system. This complex system could be removed when whole voting process is conducted through e-voting app.
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Political voting plays an important role in framing the democracy. If the citizens don’t get their right to practice it then there is no use of voting process. The e-voting app introduced by Right2vote enables each citizen to vote and elect their leader without much hassle of visiting the polling booths. This app will be useful not only in major elections, but it will also prove to be useful in state elections and further in local body elections which consists of Nagar Nigam, Nagar panchayat, Nagar parishad, Nagar Panchayat and Gram Panchayat.

These are all direct elections where the citizens directly vote the candidates. Apart from these direct elections there are many indirect elections where e-voting app could be brought in use. Around 250 members of Rajya Sabha and 500 members of Vidhan Parishad are elected through indirect voting which could be easily done through e-voting app.