Users Reviews: One Page PrestaShop Checkout vs 5 Page Checkout

Users Reviews: One Page PrestaShop Checkout vs 5 Page Checkout
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Checkout form is the most important entity of an ecommerce stores. Its presentation, layout and browsing experience really matters for either increasing or decreasing number of sales.

A bad checkout experience threats the reputation of a store for the future as it is big hindrance for customer loyalty and satisfaction. At the same time, a good checkout really makes the customer happy and beneficial for future growth of a store.

One Page PrestaShop Checkout vs 5 Page Checkout

Coming towards PrestaShop which has 5 page checkout processes, some people think that it is lengthy checkout and they either customize their checkout by coding their own module or buy a one step checkout module from third party. They think that in this way they can increase sales of their store.

Thinking all about that why

  • PrestaShop is still preferring 5 step checkout
  • Many users like 5 page order process
  • Some other prefer one page checkout

I decided to conduct a survey to get options of top developers, merchants and customers. Question of survey was really simple, “Which checkout is better (a) 5 steps PrestaShop checkout (b) one step checkout. Given below the results of that survey;

Merchants and Developers Reviews about PrestaShop One Step Checkout

Users Reviews: 5 Page PrestaShop Checkout vs 1 Page Checkout

Aranzazu Pomares Sanchez – Merchant

I prefer One Page Checkout because the customer sees everything in one page like costs of the order (shipment, payment method, etc). I’ve always learn that we all prefer to scroll than to click in different pages. J

Result: Supported One Page Checkout

Dominik Wójcik – Merchant

I think that checkout in 5 steps is more usability and friendly for customers – why? – Because all the purchasing process is describing in line, I mean order steps. Customers always know where login or payment etc is. In my opinion this process could be shorter but I know it is hard to make.

Result: Supported both

Bruno Matos – Developer

My customers use the 5 steps checkout and they think that conversions are higher. I tested it in past by making a shop A (shopbeleza.net) with 5 step checkout and B(maiexpress.com.br) with One page checkout and I seen more higher sales for 5 step checkout process. So my conclusion is that the customers show more confidence when make the payment step by step.

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Result: Supported Five Page Checkout

Zouhair Taoussi – Developer

In my opinion, in one step the client view is more clear and checkout makes customers motivated to buy, It doesn’t make more condition to pass step by step , But it’s the same for functionality.

Result: Supported One Page Checkout

Taoufiq Ait Ali – Developer

I think that one step checkout is more beneficial for e-merchants. One page is easy for the customer, all info in one page

Result: Supported One Page Checkout

Konstantinos Tapanda Kogkalidis – Merchant

The choice for me is equal. Filling info is the same as far as I know. Other features in checkout count more such as guest checkout or cross-sell during checkout.

Result: Supported both

Garegin Esmaili – Merchant

The 5 step because the 1 page gave us many errors for some reasons on our server.

Result: Supported Five Page Checkout

Maciej Kamiński – Developer

My clients want prefers 1 step checkout

Result: Supported One Page Checkout

Ian Kibble – Developer

I personally prefer the one page checkout. Its simplicity makes it more appealing to customers. Having shipping, payment types and personal details all in one slightly longer page as opposed to 3 or 5 pages is defiantly the best option for not only aesthetics or checkout speed but in the case of mobile devices and responsive websites used on mobiles and tablets it is a must have.

Result: Supported One Page Checkout

Likan Patra – Merchant

I personally like 1 step checkout because I can know n verify all the entered data at one place n ll not get confused. Another reason is that even if I have slow internet connection then checkout is done easily without much load.

Result: Supported One Page Checkout

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Anvaar Baig – Developer

Now a day’s user want quick check out. That’s why I recommend one step Checkout to all my clients.

Result: Supported One Page Checkout

Jerzy Sokołowski – Merchant

1 page is much better.  Choices are much more visible in real time. No need to go back. Only back side is “agree to terms”. it’s barely visible and need some css work to be clear for users.

Result: Supported One Page Checkout

Claudio Fernandes – Merchant

For those who purchase over the Internet want agility, and to see everything on one screen is much faster to give a quick look at all the options of payment that you click the button move forward or back and wait for the page to reload.

Result: Supported One Page Checkout

Youssef Lmkhioued – Developer

I worked on websites that I have used the 5 steps of PrestaShop, and sometimes the checkout one pages, but I think the most visible and easy method for the customer is the method of one page: i.e. authentication – delivery – payment smile on a single page.

Result: Supported One Page Checkout

Vivian Lou – Merchant

5 step checkout better because it show more professional to customers.

Result: Supported Five Page Checkout

Gustavo Henrique – Merchant

I think the best checkout 5 steps as Brazilians are too lazy to get reading and many people lost making the request on one page only.

Result: Supported Five Page Checkout

Bruno Matos – Developer

I prefer one step because I realized that in this case, abandoned carts can be minimized.

Result: Supported One Page Checkout

Survey Results

17 people from different regions participated in this survey and final result are;

  • 10 Votes for One Step Checkout
  • 5 Votes for Five Step Checkout
  • 2 Neutral


Most of the people given their votes for One Step Checkout. If you’re using 5 step checkouts in your store, then try once to use one step checkout. May be it will give you double sales.