Using Technology for Puzzles and Games

Using Technology for Puzzles and Games
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What’s available?

Whether it’s your desktop computer or new smartphone, the digital devices in our lives can access a wide range of entertaining playthings. Digital games are a great way to fill the day and keep entertained, especially if getting out and about isn’t always doable, whilst digital puzzles mean we have access to many more than that old crossword book or back of the newspaper, not to mention no longer needing to carry anything but your digital device.

Online Games

I used to spend many an ICT lesson battling friends on the school computers and hoping the teacher would not see. Websites like Miniclip offer a huge range of free games, play alone or against other people online on anything from puzzles to strategy. Your internet browser (e.g. Chrome) may prompt that you need to download ‘Adobe Flash Player’, this is perfectly safe and is required to power the games, just follow the on-screen prompts to install it.

Mobile & Tablet Games

With more of us having a smartphone or tablet at our fingertips than ever before, games and puzzles are just a few taps away. If you have an Android device (including a Samsung, Amazon Fire or Lenovo) go to the ‘Play Store’ and tap ‘Games’. In here, you’ll find many types of game, browse the categories or look through the most popular for some inspiration. If you have an Apple Device (e.g. an iPad) then tap the ‘App Store’, select ‘Games’ from the categories and take a look through. On either type of device, if you’re looking for something specific, enter a term like ‘Sudoku’ and look through the results. Use ratings and reviews to work out the best one for you, and pay for a premium version if you don’t want any ads (they’re normally less than £1). Why not use a stand for your mobile device if playing for longer periods to ensure maximum comfort.

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Don’t have a tablet or smartphone? TechSilver offer some easy to use digital devices to help you play, no matter how confident with technology you are!

Here’s a few picks you may like:

  • Piano Tiles: A very addictive music game that tests your coordination.
  • Words with friends: The world’s most popular word game, play alone or against others, think Scrabble meets crosswords.
  • Candy Crush Saga: Match up the sweets and stack up points, like bejeweled with a modern twist.
  • Hellopet: No furry friend of your own? Why not create your own and look after it?
  • Fashion Empire: From choosing clothes to being a top designer, this game is ideal for the style conscience reader.

Digital games and puzzles covering every conceivable theme from crosswords to crossbows are not only entertaining (and sometimes addictive), but they bring people together and offer a way to bond with friends and family when together or apart, especially the younger ones.