VidPaw 2019 Brings More to Online Videos

VidPaw 2019 Brings More to Online Videos
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Each time when you turn to Internet for online videos streaming, one of the most annoying thing should be the sign-on process. Many online video sharing platforms always ask people to sign up an account or subscribe for its video streaming service, turning down the convenience that brings from online videos.

VidPaw 2019 Brings More to Online Videos

To overcome this obstacle, VidPaw YouTube Video Downloader started its path in the early 2018 by providing free online video & audio download service, making sure that online video resources can be used in a more flexible way. It is true that without the barriers like the sign-on process, long ads contents, useless pop-up windows, people can simply spend more time enjoying online videos within one site.

Getting inspiration from this, VidPaw optimized its online service to be more convenient and user-friendly as the brand new 2019 has arrived. Read through this review to see what can VidPaw bring to us.


  1. VidPaw 2019 Overview
  2. 3 Simple Ways to Download Online Videos to PC with VidPaw
  3. Can VidPaw Be Used on Mobile?

VidPaw 2019 Overview

As one of the leading online downloader, VidPaw YouTube Video Downloader has attracted a large number of users with its professional and easy-to-use video/audio download service. To begin with, quickly grasp what new features are added to VidPaw.

Brand New Features of VidPaw

On-Site Search Function

The first generation of VidPaw only supports to read the online videos from other online sites, then realize the possibility to download them for offline playback. This means that users need to navigate between different tabs once they use VidPaw to download online videos, causing great inconvenience.

Therefore, VidPaw added a search engine to its site, allowing users to search for online videos directly in VidPaw, which has integrated search and download function together perfectly. With this function, users do not require to switching between different pages anymore. They can just stream online videos in VidPaw or download them directly for offline playback.

YouTube to MP3 Converter

To cater people’s need towards downloading YouTube music with high quality in MP3 format, VidPaw also added a YouTube to MP3 Converter, helping users to have access to more awesome YouTube music for offline streaming. VidPaw used to support SoundCloud to MP3 only, but after its optimization, YouTube to MP3 is also available. Users can also search for songs in VidPaw and click on the download button to save them in MP3 format offline directly.

Popular Video-Sharing Sites Downloader

Except for YouTube downloader, VidPaw also released the oriented downloaders for other 3 popular video-sharing sites, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. What’s more, VidPaw also acts as a converter, enabling users to convert video and audio to different formats and quality

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General Features of VidPaw

In addition, you should not neglect these general features that have made VidPaw outstanding within few months since its launch.

* Support downloading online videos/audios from over 1,000 sites;

* Available on all browsers and a variety of devices;

* Offer high output quality for both video and audio download;

* Provide ads-free interface and no sign-on process is needed;

* Require no cost for using VidPaw’s download service.

There are more features that you can explore by using VidPaw. For example, you would discover that VidPaw is pretty simple to use. How? Now let’s move on to the next part.

3 Simple Ways to Download Online Videos to PC with VidPaw

To ensure users a more convenient user experience, VidPaw YouTube Video Downloader provides THREE ways for PC users to download online videos to local folders.

NOTE: If you want to download online videos which you find with VidPaw’s search function, you can simply tap the “↓” icon and download them directly in VidPaw.

Way 1. Copy-and-paste Method

STEP 1. Launch a browser and search for the online video you want to download. Or head to the video sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. to find the videos. Then copy the link of the online video.

STEP 2. Navigate to VidPaw, and paste the link of the online video to the download bar on the interface and click on “Start” to read the link. You can also paste the link to the corresponding downloader such as Facebook video downloader, Twitter video downloader, or Instagram video downloader according to where you’ve got the video.

STEP 3. Now scroll down the page and select an output format as well as output quality for the online video you are going to download. When you decide, submit downloading by hitting the download button. Then the online video can be downloaded to PC successfully.

Way 2. VidPaw Extension

STEP 1. At first, add Tampermonkey extension to your browser first. Choose the one according the browser you are using now. Tampermonkey is a great extension that enables VidPaw Extension to have a more fluent performance.

Google Chrome Tampermonkey

Mozilla Firefox Tampermonkey

Safari Tampermonkey

Microsoft Edge Tampermonkey

STEP 2. When Tampermonkey is added, now you can also install VidPaw Extension. Currently, VidPaw Extension is only available on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Safari.

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STEP 3. Now head to the online videos on any platform such as YouTube. You will discover that VidPaw has added a download icon under each video. Simply click on the button and you can download online videos with VidPaw.

Way 3. Change the Link

NOTE: Currently, this method is only available for downloading YouTube videos.

STEP 1. Search for the online video you want to download on YouTube.

STEP 2. Open the video page, and change the link on the top address bar into “www.youtubepaw.com“.

STEP 3. Press the “Enter” key on keyboard and select output format & quality in VidPaw’s download page. Finally, click on “Download”.

Can VidPaw Be Used on Mobile?

Furthermore, VidPaw is also fully compatible with mobile devices such as iPhone/iPad, Android phone/tablet, Windows phone, and so on. Users are able to download online videos on mobile with VidPaw as easily as using PC. Here is the detailed guide on how to use VidPaw to download online videos on mobile (iPhone/Android oriented).

For iPhone Users

STEP 1. Go to App Store and download Documents to iPhone first.

STEP 2. Launch a browser on iPhone and search for the online video you want to download. When you find it, copy its link.

STEP 3. Head to VidPaw in Documents’ built-in browser, and paste the link you’ve got to its download bar. Then click on “Start”.

STEP 4. Select the output format and quality for the video. Finally, click on “Download”.

For Android Users

STEP 1. Launch a browser on Android and directly search for the online video you want to download, and copy its URL.

STEP 2. Open a new tab and head to VidPaw, then paste the URL to the download bar on VidPaw’s interface.

STEP 3. Click on “Start” to load the information of the online video. When the link is read by VidPaw, scroll down and select output settings for the video.

STEP 4. When you have decided the one you prefer, hit the “Download” button to save the video to your Android device.

It is for sure that VidPaw’s update breaks the obstacle of its old version, and greatly combines search function to its original download service. Furthermore, VidPaw is still keeping improving itself and aims at providing better services for users around the world. VidPaw APK is still on the path to better improvement now. Let’s look forward to VidPaw’s development in the future!