The Most Vital Tips Making an App to Rule the App Store

The Most Vital Tips Making an App to Rule the App Store
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Apple’s iOS, no doubt, is leading the global mobile economy, particularly when it comes to generating revenue. Of course, Android leads in terms of numbers, but iOS is still the only player allowing developers to generate desired money out of their apps.

The App Store is the official place to download an app for iOS powered iPhone and iPad devices. It hosts high quality apps which only reach the store after going through Apple’s strict app approval process. iOS apps have also been scoring high on UI, UX, navigation and usability. All these attributes of iOS make it the most preferred platform for mobile app development.

But the platform hosts more than 2.2 million of apps which simply means any app, without a solid foundation, will easily get lost there. So there are apps, which even after following Apple’s strict guidelines do not ever receive desired exposure or success.

Are you also planning for an iOS app development and want to see it climbing the ladder of success? Here are the best of the tips that developers or business owners should follow to make their apps visible on the App Store.

Research & Analyze

Research for your app and its idea is everything. It helps app owners or developers lay solid foundation for the success of an app. Before you begin your iOS app development project, make sure you have done all required homework so that your end-product abides by the emerging trends and remain adaptable to accept the upcoming or future trends.

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The App Design

The design of an app is the first thing that any user downloading it will notice and will either be encouraged to keep and use it or be discouraged to discard after the first run only. If the design lives up to what users are looking for, it will naturally get a pace and start getting more downloads.

All users see in an app is its design. So the visual appeal should be given the most attention. Confirm it that the UI for your app is attractive, intelligent and intuitive to use.

Go With Tech Details

Make sure you have learned every tech details as Apple really wants you to do that. When you learn them, you make your app bearing them to make it free of bugs and errors.


Test, test and test to confirm your app is functioning smoothly, without any snags.

Improving Performance

Check how the app performs. Does it load quickly and navigate smoothly? If it lacks anywhere, fine tune it so that it keeps receiving positive attention and response of users.

Resolving Compatibility Issues

However, compatibility has not been an issue with iOS, but because iOS ecosystem is also becoming wide with a lot of devices, verify if the app is supporting perfectly the all targeted devices.

Responding to Users Queries

Provide customers supports so to that users feel encouraged to use your app. You can do it simply by making an FAQ and providing the best answers. If anything comes to you out of the FAQ, don’t make any delay to answer and adopt the suggestions for the betterment of your product.

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ASO & App Marketing

As SEO makes a website getting position on search engines, ASO has come in existence to make an app getting good rankings on the App Store as well as on search engine. Give proper attention to ASO and marketing aspects to make your app successful.

Author Bio: James Stewart has great experience in grocery app development, finance app development etc.