The Vulnerability of Popular Android Apps

The Vulnerability of Popular Android Apps
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Everybody uses phones these days. In fact, phones have become more productive than computers. Below we will check vulnerability of Popular Android Apps. So, the reason is simple: one can do a number of things on a phone. It is as small as the fist of your hand and fits well in the pocket of your jeans. You can take it anywhere you like.

Now with how facilitative the device is, one has to appreciate the fact that it has the power to do so many things. You can keep with you at all times and you can do every kind of task that you want to do. By every kind of task, we mean literally every kind of task. For example: if you want to write an application to your boss, edit it, or proofread it, you can do it all by simply opening an app like Word Office. One can download the latest version of this app, or update the version they already have.

There are several types of applications that one can use to do the kind of job they want to do on their phones. Every application has its own specific features and specific purpose.

While applications are a bliss in extreme situations, they also have the potential to cause harm by bringing viruses to the device or by leaking personal data. We all know how important private data is, as it comprises of valuable things and personal information that can be used against the user. There are several experienced hackers hiding, waiting to hack content. This is the last thing you want because you can’t risk your private data, be it in the form of personal images, important personal documents, or official files saved in your phone.

Whether you’re an iPhone user or an Android user, you will need to clean your phone in either case. You can install anti-malware applications to avoid any virus entering your phone. There are other software packages that you can use for the same purpose. The best tip is to always keep your phone clean of excessive data and unnecessary applications. You can use the cloud for that matter. It is like a virtual office where you can save data where it will never get lost. You can also access it from everywhere you want.

In this article, we will point out all the vulnerabilities of Android applications. In addition to that, we will also highlight the solutions to these problems.

  •   Poor Storage Data Habits
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Sometimes programmers don’t know the correct way of storing data or they have poor storage habits. SQLite databases are the best for storing compact data in your phone, but there are inexperienced programmers who store the data in either clear text or in XML format. The problem with this technique is that it is readable, plain text that enables easy access to an app’s data. Anyone can access your data by simply extracting the file attached to your unlocked phone. Such vulnerabilities could cause a lot harm to your personal data. The best way to avoid a situation like this is to encrypt the data on your phone. You should also consider encrypting external connections. This way, you can enable maximum safety for your phone and your data.

  •   Malware from Google App

The Google app store has been one of the reasons behind the entry of malware to your device. Due to its open format, there appears to be a multitude of applications in it that contain a virus. You wouldn’t recognize the malware until you install the app and open it. As soon as you do, your system gets slow, and often times you lose data from your phone as well. These application often steal data from your phone without informing you of the terms and conditions.

To combat this problem, Google Bouncer was introduced. What it does is keep your data safe from foreign malware hiding in the Google apps. But it hasn’t been quite a help in most cases. Usually, the developers of these malicious applications scatter malware in the applications so that it cannot be detected. They then use the names of famous apps in order to attract users. When a user downloads this application, the malware or virus enters the system.

If you’re an Android user, you would be aware of the inconsistency in the updates of the operating system. Android does not update itself. Due to this inconsistency, Android is even more lazy at combating the advanced kinds of viruses and malware. You will find anti-malware applications to fight such malware. Some of these applications will be paid and some will be free. If you’ve just started your business, you should make sure that your employees install these anti-malware applications. You should also make sure that they are mindful of viruses that may enter their systems through applications.

  •   Unauthorized Access       

As mentioned before, if you have just started your business, there will be many things that you need to be careful of. One of the basic things is safety and protection of your data. Sometimes it is not your employee’s fault that such precautions slipped their mind and they experience trouble. As the leader, you should arrange sessions on a regular basis for this particular subject so that they are alert and active. You can educate them about access permissions, kinds of malware, and safety measures. You should also warn them about viral invitations of the applications: how to avoid them and how to be more aware of other problems related to the respective issue.

What you need first is a good internet connection to install the applications, and then the anti-malware applications for these applications. You can look into the deals and packages of AT&T U-Verse internet to figure which package suits you best.

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