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Ways You Can Make URL SEO Friendly In Nature

Ways You Can Make URL SEO Friendly In Nature
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Whenever search engines like Google, yahoo or even Bing look at the official website, the first point they will look into is the website address, often known as URL. SEO primarily refers on how much these search engines are going to get attracted towards your site. You can always learn to make use of SEO friendly URLs so that the search engines might always find your site higher up in the ranking scale. This way, more people will come to find out more about your website, leading to a growth in the business.
Figure out the keywords:
For the first step in making the URL SEO friendly, you have to focus towards the keywords first. For that, catching up with SEO consultant Dubai might help. Make sure to find out more about the keywords in your webpage first.
• Keywords are few major words that you expect people to just type into search engine while looking for what the web page can offer you with.
• There are some of the common words, which will then be ignored by the search engines.
• In case of SEO, these common words are primarily noted as stop words. Make sure to remove all these stop words from keyword list.
Time to check the keyword list:
Check the keyword list and then pick up around 2 to 5 keywords for describing subject matter or just the topic of the page. There are very few keywords which will not help you that much. But, then you have many, which will offer product keyword spam, which is then off putting to the search engines and even to the like visitors.
• There are some websites, which are offering “density checker” tools for scanning a webpage and telling you more about the top keywords.
• On the other hand, you might also plan to use the online resources for just checking on how still the competition might have been for these keywords.
Purge keywords of the specialize characters:
URLs are always there to reinterpret the special characters right into a code, which is not going to work that well with some of the social networking websites out there in the field. More so, try to drop any period sign from the keywords you have chosen. Periods are not at all recognized by the search engines so that is not going to affect the SEO for the URL. Moreover, adding these periods might be enough to confuse the programs about the type of file your web page is actually.
Make sure to create page URL:
Always make it a point to create a page based URL, which comprises of few of the primary keywords in mind. For that, try to use all the lower case based letters as that is what most people are actually looking for right here. These URLs are noted to be rather case-sensitive in nature. So, you have to work in the same manner for the best response in this regard for sure.