Ways to Fix a Water Damaged iPhone?

Ways to Fix a Water Damaged iPhone?
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You have dropped iPhone in water? It is a complicated problem that requires instant repair. In order to get rid of a hassle then one should take instant actions. It would be better to make an appointment with iPhone repairs Platinum Gold Coast and get rid of complicated problems. In order to analyse the problems then one should check the water damage indicator carefully. It is a particular white tab that will automatically turn into the red in the fraction of seconds.  If it is enough to damage, then one will get a red colour tab.

Before performing any actions, one has to do a lot of important things. If water has reached into the iPhone, then it will cause a lot of damage to the circuits.  One should instantly switch off the phone and don’t charge the phone.  Let’s discuss how to fix the water damaged iPhone.

  • Wipe Exterior

If you don’t want to create any short circuit in the phone, then one should switch off the phone and then wipe the exterior of the phone carefully. Make sure that you are making the use of tissues paper that will soak the water in the fraction of seconds.  Moreover, don’t press any button or particular key because it will automatically create a particular short circuit or leakage in the device.  After that, one has to place the phone in a, particularly dry place. One has to place the iPhone in a warm or humid-free place only. All you need to provide heat to the phone for almost 48 hours only. It will automatically soak the water and will able to prevent certain damages.

  • Use silica
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Nothing is better than silica that will able to soak the water in a fraction of seconds.  One has to buy genuine silica gel packets that will absorb the moisture and water within a fraction of hours only.  Make sure that you are placing the packets in a superior manner that can soak everything with ease.

  • Vacuum bag

Vacuum bags are really beneficial for the wet phones that will soak the water in the fraction of hours. All you need to make the use of plastic bags and create a particular vacuum effect. It would automatically suck the liquid, and you don’t have to pay money to the technician.

  • Use hair Dryer

It is really one of the great tools that fix the certain damages in iPhone. One should always use the dryer in low power mode only. You should keep a particular distance from the phone that won’t cause any complicated damage. According to professionals, it isn’t a great method because it will damage the screen of a phone that can be dangerous.

  • Make the use of rice

Lastly, you should make the use of a particular bowl of the rice that will soak the water. Make sure that you are using top-notch quality rice only.

Moving further, if you are looking for a safer approach, then one should make contact with an authorized technician.