What You Need to Know About High Tech Toilets

What You Need to Know About High Tech Toilets
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There is no sense in denying it, but life in the 21st century is all about owning high tech solutions.

Technology has evolved over the years to become a crucial aspect of our day-to-day lives.

For instance, toilets are nowadays incorporated with a host of unique design features, which provide various benefits.

The high tech toilets might be more expensive than traditional toilets, but they are worth the investment. In fact, a high tech toilet not only improves your lavatory experience, it also improves the market value of your property.

Simply put, this type of toilet comes with various design features to suit the needs of the user.

Features of high tech toilets

Feet warmers and dryers

The feet warmers are simply special warming mechanisms that are placed close to where one places their feet when using the loo. The feet warmer temperature can often be adjusted in relation to the needs of the user. Also, the toilet might be incorporated with dryers, which are used after washing the hands.

Motion activated lids

Taking things to the next level, some toilers even come with special motion sensors. The motion sensors in toilets make it very convenient to use, especially if you have kids. In particular, the sensors are designed to detect the users’ movement. The motion sensors will then respond by either raising or lowering the toilet lid.

Entertainment features

Yes! High tech toilets also have entertainment features. Some of them include music players and unique LED lights to enhance the ambiance of the music. In most cases, the music can often be controlled using a special interface that is placed close to the toilet seat. Other toilets are also incorporated with special LED games as well.

Hygiene and bidet features

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Hygiene is important when it comes to using any type of toilet. These hygiene features are more common in Japanese toilets. According to a recent study on consumers conduct in March 2018, an average of 80% of houses in Japan today come with electronic toilets and bidets. The bidet is important because it helps in washing and drying the genitalia.

Other considerations

  • Brand– according to the ToiletHQ, always choose a reputed brand like Kohler, American Standard, and Niagara.
  • Design aesthetic–  a good high tech toilet not only has contemporary features, but it also has an appealing design as well.
  • Durability features– the toilet and its high tech features should also be durable. The toilet technology should, therefore, be encased in durable materials such as plastic.


Wrapping it up

All things considered, owning the appropriate products in the modern day world is very important. There is no space for poor decision-making or even insufficient improvisation.

High tech toilets are designed to make life easier and they also improve the market value of your property as well. This is why you need to get informed about high tech toilets and their basic design features.