Why Does Your Business Need a Call Center Software

Why Does Your Business Need a Call Center Software
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Are you still maintaining Excels to record customer data? Are your agents manually dialing the numbers or are you facing high call drop and abandonment issues? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then your business needs to have a call center software. It is a product which helps your agents to effectively handle all inbound and outbound calls. Moreover, if chosen correctly, a call center software allows the supervisors to monitor the agents and overall performance of the operations.

Let us look at some of the benefits of having a Call Center Software for your business.

  1. Managing Omnichannel Conversations

Whether your business is just starting off or you are a big brand, in today’s time and age you need to be able to connect with your agents on all the major channels. Having a call center software facilitates just that. The whole point of supporting multiple channels is to do away with siloed conversations to offer consistent and seamless interactions across all the channels. For instance, a customer books a doctor’s appointment using the mobile application. Then later calls in to reschedule it. With a call center software in place, the agent will easily be able to pull up the customer’s details and help with her/his query. In the absence of it, the agent will ask the customer to repeat her/his details and the issue at hand. Thus, wasting time and spoiling the customer experience.

  1. Automating Manual Tasks

A call center agent’s day comprises of a number of activities – making calls, receiving calls, follow-ups, recording notes for every interaction, to name a few. Having an intelligent call center dialer or tools such as an automatic call distributor (ACD) saves the time the agents have to spend on manually dialing the number. Similarly, an ACD will route all incoming calls to the right department or agent to ensure first call resolution and increased customer satisfaction. All these automation are easily configured according to the business requirements.

  1. Cost Optimization
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Once the customer queries are resolved quickly, the overall TAT decreases meaning improved agent productivity which in turn will have a positive impact on cost optimization. With an intelligent dialer predicting the best time to call a customer, an interactive voice response (IVR) and ACD to direct customers to the right place in the first go itself the call drops and abandonment decreases. Having all this automation and other tools means fewer agents and resources are required to cater to the demands of the customers. Thus, ensuring cost optimization along with exceptional customer service.

  1.  Monitoring and Reporting

With the right data at their disposal, the call center supervisors are in a much better position to manage the operations effectively. Moreover, the dashboards allow the supervisors to monitor live metrics to make spontaneous and effective decisions. Live dashboards combined with reports for historical data of the KPIs such as average call handling time, the number of calls being transferred, the number of call drops, etc. Using this information, the management team can forecast and make strategic decisions. Additionally, these reports and data allow the supervisor to identify the knowledge gaps to design training programs to improve the overall performance of the agents.

  1. Providing Self-Service Options

The customers would rather solve their queries themselves than waiting on an agent. Additionally, having to answer the same queries repeatedly creates monotony for the agent and decreases their productivity. So, the best way to deal with this is to provide customers with various self-service options. For example, the customer wants to know their current bank balance. They can simply do that using a self-service IVR which pull the data from the CRM and play a customized recording with the current account balance for the customer. This is can be extended to chat as well using a chatbot. The bot can answer the simple queries and in case of any complex issue, the conversation can seamlessly be transferred to a live agent.

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Closing Thoughts

These were some of the benefits of a complete call center suite powered with the right integrations. But, before opting for any call center solution, do a feasibility check to see which deployment model – on cloud or on-premise is the best fit for your business. Once that is done and you have found the best call center software provider, you are ready to deliver exceptional customer service.