Zlatan Legends Tips & Strategy

Zlatan Legends Tips & Strategy
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The former hitman from Manchester United has taken his free time away from the football for a good reason. Earlier this week, the footballer with the collaboration of ISBIT Games, unveiled his adventure packed arcade video game that has finally arrived at our handsets with the help of iOS.

The game is expected to be launched on the Android Play Store as well, but Zlatan Legends release date on Play Store is not yet confirmed.
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Zlatan Legends – The Quick Intro:

Being a development part of the game, Zlatan Ibrahimovic has launched the game with the main character as himself – Zlatan. The story of the game revolves around the hero, Zlatan that gets training by her trainer Zandra to become a legend in every universe by destroying every barrier coming in his way.

The Basics:

The game launches into the intergalactic drift ball tournament that you need to win in order to reach the real race. Zandra will give you a drift ball and your power to teleport by tapping anywhere on the screen.

In this tournament, you will be locked in a chamber having yellow walls all around you. The yellow walls are used to bounce back your drift ball, in order to allow it moving. You need to shoot the drift wall with your full strength to destroy the barriers coming in your way.
But remember, if your ball touches the blue walls, it will crash and you will lose control of your movement. So, you need to avoid those walls at all costs.

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The Advanced Skills:

In order to survive longer in the game, you need to learn the new skills and shooting techniques. The first thing that you need to learn is to avoid those blue walls coming in your way as they are your greatest enemy. For this, you need to control the direction of your ball and to understand the timing of shooting. The shooting strength also matters in this department, so you need to practice the game’s tactics in order to win it.

Second skill that you need to learn is the drift shot that is necessary to become a true legend. This shot requires the control of the drift ball by moving your hero from place to another quickly and catching it before it hits the blue walls. The timing of this shot really matters, so you need to be aware when to catch the ball and when to move.

In order to proceed the next level, you need to complete 3 drift shots in a row and that is something that most of the players don’t know. But with our Zlatan Legends hacks, you are ready to become a legend!

Loads of Daily Missions to Complete:

The Zlatan legend video game offers loads of daily missions to complete with different requirements and needs. You need to visit the game daily, in order to complete these missions and increase your rank and rewards.

Zlatan league of legends:

You can face off other players as well, by playing this game. All you need is to spend your energy in the league matches and defeat them. This will allow you to increase your score and become the legend!
Not only this, there are tons of customization options to personalize your character in the locker room to help you with your missions. So buckle up and be the Zlatan Legend!